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Tweet of the day: Apple makes us cry

I agree 1,000% with Zara Arboleda of CBS 47 here.


We’re talking about the new Apple Christmas commercial, which I happened to see right after watching cryfest “Love Actually,” both of which left me a blubbering mess of salty tears. The heart-warming commercial might make you think a little differently about that teenager with his nose always in his phone.

Responses to "Tweet of the day: Apple makes us cry"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Yea, totally fake. Figures that Apple which is a multiBILLION dollar company would come up with a clever ad campaign that would somehow bend the image of their hi tech products and try to attach a heart felt emotional tie; but the truth of the matter is is that people are waaaay too attached to their mobile devices and its changing society for the worse.

Heather P says:

In 1987, I was the kid in that ad campaign. I just had a notebook and a 35 mm camera to filter my world instead of a smartphone. Sometimes those who appear disengaged are, in fact, engaged from a completely different point of view. It’s not better or worse, just different. And technology allows for more options for those types of people, for which I am thankful.

mdub420 says:

this commercial makes me sick to my stomach because it magnifies the fact that my family sucks.

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