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Entertainment this weekend

There are several good entertainment choices for the weekend.

“The Walking Dead,” 9 p.m. Sunday, AMC: The third season opens with back-to-back episodes. The story picks up after the handful of survivors have spent the winter on the run from the walkers (you know them better as zombies). It appears they may be headed for some relief as the group finds a prison. All they have to do is clean out all the walkers and they will finally have a place to call home. But, this is “The Walking Dead” and that means nothing is what it seems. Don’t be scared away thinking this is a zombie show. “The Walking Dead” is a superb examination of the human condition and what a person would do to maintain even a small part of their humanity.

“Argo”: If this story had been written as fiction, it would have been too unbelievable to work. The fact it’s based on real events around the 1979 hostage crisis makes the outlandish very real. Ben Affleck turns in a sterling performance as the CIA agent who comes up with a plan to pretend a movie is going to be shot in Iran as a way to save six Americans. Affleck also continues to show he’s a superb director.

“Prometheus”: The film is a feast for the eyes. Director Ridley Scott elevates the visuals to a new sci-fi high in this tale of explorers following a map to the far reaches of outer space. From the holographic images on the ship to the massive beehive-like structures, the film is glorious in design. The casting is nearly as perfect, with Noomi Rapace’s passionate performance balanced by the cold and methodical thinking of Charlize Theron’s character. There are a few minor flaws: Idris Elb, who plays the ship’s captain, is underused; and Guy Pearce works under mounds of makeup as the mission’s rich benefactor. There’s no reason a younger actor had to be cast and put through such extensive makeup. Scott’s titanic effort in “Prometheus” yields such a visual triumph that small flaws can be overlooked.

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