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Fresno’s finest: The best of mug shot facial tattoos

tattooUp for a little way-to-go-Fresno entertainment? Well, here in the Bee newsroom we’re often entertained by the mug shots that accompany stories about crime, especially the ones with face tattoos. So the genius worker bees behind have put together a gallery of some the best mug shots featuring facial tattoos for your enjoyment. See it here. All photos were provided by various Valley law-enforcement agencies.

The photos really make you think. I mean, what is it like to go through life with the words “bitch please” tattooed on your forehead? And shouldn’t that have a comma? And by the way, that’s not a mustache on the second-to-last one, that’s a tattoo. (Sorry I can’t make it any bigger. We get what the cops give us.)

Responses to "Fresno’s finest: The best of mug shot facial tattoos"

mdub420 says:

and it still makes me sick that these guys get all the women too.

Lisa says:

Believe me, he doesn’t get ALL the girls. No way. No way.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Eggssaactly mdub. Take your pic of Fresno’s fine establishments….Intimos,Whiskey Creek, Crossroads, Bobby’s in Tower; you see these gangsters with the HOTTEST Latinas lol. Sign of the times, or I’m doin something wrong lol.

pk says:

oh dub… just need a mdub420 tattoo on your forehead, and voila!

Anthony Dominguez says:

I do get all the girls fresno bee is profiling me!!!

Anthony Dominguez says:

Fresno bee would not let me say my side of story on the so called home invasion!! Why?

Jackki says:

I think it’s weird that people think this is entertainment.

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