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Is Fresno the most romantic city?

Still mad about Fresno being called “The Dumbest City in America?” Here’s your chance to get Fresno on a better list.

For Valentine’s Day, Korbel is looking for the “Most Romantic City in America.” You can nominate Fresno by going here and in 150 words or less explaining why this city is so amorous. Korbel will announce 12 weekly finalists, starting Dec. 21, with the ultimate winner being chosen between Jan 26 – 28 through an online vote. The winner will be announced in time for Valentine’s Day.

So, you think Fresno has a shot? Give us your take on why Fresno’s romantic. We must have a more romance image than this:


Responses to "Is Fresno the most romantic city?"

Heather says:

I saw a guy feeling up his girlfriend at the Brig last night. That was pretty romantic.

brodiemash says:

Nothing more romantic than the gift of The Shocker.

rob says:

Does the fresno bee know what the shocker is…LOL…
and as far a s being a romantic city i guess you could call it that if you think gang shootings and home invasion hostage taking theives is your sort of thing.
personally i think fresno is about as romantic as a case of the clap

Kathy Mahan says:

Duh! That was the joke.

lame says:

Damn. I thought no one was looking. :(