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Bandgeek: X, Alien Ant Farm and Suicidal Tendencies

12-12-1Aside from finishing up your holiday gift buying, or doing a Hobbit-sized double header, go ahead and treat yourself to some music this weekend. Chances are, you’ll find something to like among the dozen of bands hitting the local clubs, theater and bars. Take your pick with this week’s music roundup. Here’s your BANDGEEEEEK!!






Responses to "Bandgeek: X, Alien Ant Farm and Suicidal Tendencies"

blake says:

I can either be bummed cuz I’m missing good stuff, or maybe hang on to the consolation prize of “there’s just too much to do in Fresno” and be happy about that. I got recommendations from all directions that the California HoneyDrops were WELL worth seeing, but had my school’s Holiday Program last night. I’d really love to go to the “X” show, but my own band’s playing out of town this weekend. Argh! THere’s just too much to do in Fresno!

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