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You review: Jay Z, Joe Bonamassa, Florida Georgia Line

Fresno got a good run of big-name concerts this week, including blues man Joe Bonamassa and mega-pop star Jay Z on Tuesday (playing the Warnors Theatre and Save Mart Center respectively) and up-and-coming country act Florida Georgia Line last night (another Save Mart Center show).

We followed the Jay Z show on Twitter and Instagram. The arena looked full and at least one fan marked it as “the best night in Fresno. Ever.”

Danny Salas of Q97 had this Tweet, though he later followed up and said the place got packed.

So, were you there? What did you think? Did Jay Z deliver the goods? How was this show compared to his 2009 performance?

What about Joe Bonamassa and Florida Georgia Line? The latter has been getting a ton of hype lately. Were they able to draw a crowd worthy of the talk? How was the Warnor’s Theatre as a setting for a show like Bonamassa’s?

Responses to "You review: Jay Z, Joe Bonamassa, Florida Georgia Line"

Migz says:

The Concert was Epic!!! That guy who made the comment about the Rainbow is a just a big Hater.. I dislike the fact that you labeled him a “Mega Pop Star”, but understand how his commercial success and lifestyle plays part of that stigma. I know and love him from his early work in Reasonable Doubt and felt he hasn’t lost his touch. When he spits he comes out just as hard as anyone out there. It was well worth the money spent to see him in concert and would do it again and again.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Im not even gona lie….i’ve been a fan of Jays early album Reasonable Doubt also; but I totally forgot that he was coning to town. I kno when he came to town 3 yrs ago I couldn’t believe the SMC wasn’t even lit up or didn’t even have spotlights around the arena. Did they do anything different last nite as far as lighting?

mitzi Evans says:

HI Jeffrey…I jusst wanted to let you know that the arena doesnt have any say in the lighting for our shows. That is done by the tour itself

Robert says:

Met Joe Bonamassa at the “PBS meet and greet” before the show. Nice guy and very fan friendly. The concert was split into 2 halves the first being a great acoustic set followed by a high power electric set. Both were outstanding and so much fun to see in concert. The influence of Clapton, Page, and BB KIng are quite evident in the clean crisp Blues/Rock performance. You won’t often see a performer of this caliber at a small venue like the Warnors. This was a treat!

Lisa Boyles says:

Warnors was a great venue for the Joe Bonamassa concert, but it was uncomfortably warm during the entire show. One other minor complaint, which has to do with the crowd, not the concert: So many people did “will call” for their tickets (not us!) and the concert started on time, so for the first 20 minutes-half hour, there was still a steady stream of people heading to their seats. I don’t know if the “will call” ticket window needed to open earlier, or if people just needed to show up earlier, but that was a little distracting. Solid concert though. They play for about 2.5 hours, with just a short intermission.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Thanks for the info Mitzi, I never knew that. So does that mean that the tour doesn’t put forth as much effort as for larger cities like L.A. Everytime their is a sports event or music event at the Staples Center theirs all kinds of light activities around the arena? Or does it have somethin to do with SMC being a “college arena” run by the University? Just would like to get some insight.

kathleen says:

Warnors is a good venue for acts such as Joe B. I agree with everything Ms. Boyles commented on but would add the sound was TERRIBLE, at least for us up in the balcony. Way too amplified for a smaller, intimate setting like the Warnors. The music was just too loud and Joe’s vocals were too low. Disappointing that professional sound people don’t know how to compensate and balance accordingly.

Richard says:

If you love Joe B. you don’t care about anything else. It was a blast just to be there(If it’s to loud then your to old) I am 63

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