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El Cochinito Contento to reopen soon

Chris Meat Market, El Cochinito, Buffalo Ranch 017Update: It’s taking El Cochinito Contento¬† longer than expected to get everything done. The restaurant announced on its Facebook page today that it will open the day after Christmas.

Fans of El Cochinito Contento — the Mexican restaurant at 88 E. Olive Ave. on the edge of the Tower District — are getting antsy about when the restaurant will reopen. But sit tight. It will be soon.

The restaurant is known for its good food and walls plastered with mariachi and beer posters. But it has been closed since early November when a car crashed into the corner of the restaurant. The official target reopening date is Dec. 19. But work is going faster than expected, so it may open earlier, says Vanessa Ortega, daughter of the owners.

The car apparently missed the turn. That tarp is covering up the damage. The car crashed through the patio fence — just moments after customers got up to pay and leave — and went into part of the kitchen during the dinner rush. You can imagine the mess a car hitting the sinks and the prep tables would make. It also caused a fire extinguisher to go off.

“It went all over the place,” Vanessa says of the extinguisher fluid. “It was everywhere. There was grease everywhere.” And in the middle of it all were a handful of shocked — but unharmed — kitchen workers stopped dead in their tracks staring at a car in their kitchen.

That said, the repairs are underway and I’ll keep you posted on when the restaurant reopens. El Cochinito Contento — Spanish for The Happy Pig (Piglet? Piggy? Help me out here Spanish speakers) — will have a grand opening celebration when it reopens and meal specials during the first week. For those you who speak Spanish, here’s an entertaining little video the owner posted on the Facebook page.

Responses to "El Cochinito Contento to reopen soon"

Christine says:


Lisa says:

Yes, as Christine says “piglet”, which to some would also mean little piggy. That’s how we like to refer to it. As in, “Let’s go to the happy little piggy.” :D We sure do miss our little hangout.

Lisa Chocoholic says:

When you add “ito” (male version) or “ita” (female) to a word it means “little xxx”, with xxx being the word itself. So literally cochinito means “little pig”. But also it’s used as a term of endearment, e.g. abuela means grandmother, but abuelita means something like grandma. You would call your own grandmother abuelita but an acquaintance would say abuela.

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