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Guadalajara adds two new restaurants


The “fat man” margarita. Photo courtesy of Guadalajara.

Longtime Fresno favorite Guadalajara is adding two new restaurants. The first, at the RiverView shopping center at Friant and Fort Washington roads, has been open a few weeks. Another one is scheduled to open at Bullard and Villa avenues, in the former Taco Grande space, on or about Jan. 1.

The family who started the restaurant, including the location on Weber that’s been open for 26 years, is growing. Now that the grandkids of the founders are old enough to work, they can be taught the family business in the new restaurants. But the running joke in the family is that every time matriarch Rosalinda Garcia comes out of retirement — she keeps retiring, but it doesn’t stick — she opens a new restaurant. Now she’s opening two.

The Fort Washington restaurant has a full bar, where I am assured that they serve the “fat man” margarita, which is the equivalent of four margaritas served in one glass with two straws. The restaurant took over once occupied by Chapala Grill, which has closed.

The Bullard Guadalajara location will be more of a quick-service restaurant.  When open, Guadalajara will have five restaurants in the area.

Responses to "Guadalajara adds two new restaurants"

Gil Vasquez says:

Ate at the Riverview Shopping center restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Food is as excellent as the one on Weber

Traci Arbios says:

I just ate dinner there last night for the first time. My husband’s burrito was the size of a small pig, literally brought out on a platter. The entire table could have shared it, had we but known. Alas, I had my own large burrito with which to contend. Our experience? Nomlicious. But waaaay more food than we could eat in three meals. Next time: sharesies.

Bethany Clough says:

That must have been the super burrito. Sounds like it deserves its name!

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Congrats to that establishment. Im always happy when a non chain spot that has been in bizz n Fresno for yrs does good. But I honeslty didn’t think too much of the food when I went to the original spot last yr. Food is ok for the price somethin like 8 bux for a commbo plate. My choice would b Country Fare Cafe. Nowhere n Fresno can you find a combo plate 2 enchiladas, beans rice AND a taco for 5.50.

Lisa says:

I eat at Country Fare as well. I like their carne asada torts or carne asada quesadilla (as you can tell like their carne asada) which has a ton of meat.

ladyj7636 says:

In response to mexican resturants I do like country faire their breakfast are great…but I have two more home grown resturants Castillos on ventura and Adrians. No one will know about them because they are in the poor area of town. Which is sad.

mdub420 says:

Is it bigger than the Double Whammy at Plaza Ventana?

Al Bondigas says:

Hold up. Isn’t the Chapala Grill in the same shopping center?

rocket44 says:

I believe they took over the location of Chapala Grill.

JJJJJ says:

Chapala closed? Noooooooo

Vikingwoman says:

What makes the Guadalajara restaurant better than other Mexican restaurants? What are the famous for?

betty says:

I’ve seen a few too many roaches while dining there, esp at the Weber location. Go check out there health dept reports on the counties website, They seem to have an ongoing issue with the roaches at that location. The place is filthy as hell too!
The food used to be decent, but the quality of the food went downhill.

Bethany Clough says:

Yup, just confirmed that the Chapala Grill has closed and the new Guadalajara has opened in its spot, according to the center’s leasing/marketing company. (I’ve updated this blog to reflect that.) No details on why the restaurant closed as I haven’t heard back from the owner.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

U know its funny the Menatality of some Fresnans. I make 6 figs and I live on Willow n Teague and I STILL drive to the seedy parts of town to get my meals. The whole “don’t go South of Shaw” mentality is soo wack. This is in response to LadyJ’s comment. Adrians makes Bomb azz burrittos, but I’m not a big fan of castillos. And not to mention Tacos Tijuana makes BOMB azz tacos on ventura :)).

Laura says:

I’m so very sad to hear of the closing of Chapala grill. We went to Guadalajara tonight and to me it just wasn’t the same. Please update if you hear back as to why they closed. It was always busy when we were there!

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