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Responses to "Breast Cancer ad: WTF or FTW?"

mdub420 says:

i love them!

Chase Sanborn says:

In the WWE (Wide World of Etymology), are “leche” and “lecher” derivatives?

Chase Sanborn says:

In the WWE (Wide World of Etymology), are “leche” and “lecher” derivatives?

If so, guilty as charged.

kevikev says:


ben galvan says:

FTW! Now they should follow up with an ad for cervical cancer.

Matt Lloyd says:


Heather says:

I wonder how supportive all these guys will be when the prostate cancer ad comes out.

ben galvan says:

I support the following piece in regards to prostate cancer.

ed says:

it is sexist. the ad objectifies this woman as merely a set of boobs and then slaps on a message about breast cancer awareness as an afterthought. while the message is needed (breast cancer awareness) there are much better ways to get the message across than appealing to the lowest common denominator. what does this commercial say: women, you should only be worried about breast cancer because without a bouncy set of boobs no one will notice you; it’s acceptable to eat hot dogs in the pool.

for those that would like more in depth discussion of this topic, you can also read a lot of great posts over at sociological images starting with this one.

blake says:

This is some serious shite.
Yes, us boys like videos of bouncy boobies.
Is the ad effective? Is it uncouth?

I dunno. It’s about getting folks to notice and to be serious about this subject.

I’ll leave the worries about sexism to others.

Take the warning seriously.

Ask my wife. Early detection saved her young and beautiful life.

Serious. Scary. Check them.

wet towel says:

I’d like to see these asshats tackle the subject of a woman (young, old, A cup, DD, whatever…) trying to cope with a single or double mastectomy, (having the coverage for reconstructive surgery or no…)

and how it feels to deal with that for the rest of their lives,

-not to mention-

hoping ta god it doesn’t come back, spread, and kill them.
-which ALL oncology patients, (and their loved ones,)dread on one level or another.


it’s one thing to bring a subject out of ‘hiding,’ raise awareness, and encourage people to get checked for cancer (especially regions where it’s so prevalant.)

but It’s another to be a friggin’ moron.

Kristin says:

Sorry guys, I love that you want to get all offended on a woman’s behalf, but as a woman (with a high risk of cancer) with big boobs, I thought that was hilarious. Yes, we need all of the dry, clinical info about screening and early checks, but we can not lose our sense of humor.

The was funny!

Claire says:

[insert this is crap tirade here]

Jenna says:

eh. i fluctuated between being vastly entertained and appalled.

adam says:

“but we can not lose our sense of humor.”

Ah, but there’s good humor and bad humor. This would be like saying Dane Cook = Eddie Izzard or Arrested Development = Two and a Half Men.

Generalizing an outraged response as simply losing one’s sense of humor would be a mistake.

It’s as inappropriate as PETA objectifying women to advance their cause. There are better and funnier ways to advance the cause of breast cancer awareness and treatment. And that’s assuming that humor needs to be injected into the subject matter at all. Maybe a little gravitas is a good thing and as Ed states, we don’t have to drop to the lowest common denominator.

I saw nothing humorous in my mother’s battle with breast cancer.

Nancy says:

HEY! I’m the first to laugh at things…provided they are funny and not just CRAP.

Check it out:
Folks of every size, shape and gender choice wearing “Save the Ta-Tas” T-shirts = funny and effective.
This “ad”? = Crappy, sexist B.S.

just sayin’…