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Concert announcement: Xiu Xiu at Fulton 55

San Jose post-punk art-rock band Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoe shoe) will hit Fresno in February. It’s one of just two California shows currently listed on the its FB page. The band (Jamie Stewart and a revoling cast of musicians) plays Feb. 20 at Fulton 55. Tickets are $10 and go on sale 8 a.m. Friday.

Xiu Xiu just released a collection of Nina Simone covers (“Nina,” out of Graveface Records, today) and recently announced a plans for a new collection of original songs. That album, “Angle Guts: Red Classroom,” is set for release (on CD/LP/tape and MP3) Feb. 4.

You can hear a track from the album (“Stupid in the Dark“) on the jump.

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