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Big numbers for Whitney Houston and Dan Brown


I guess the adage “everything old is new again” has a ring of truth.

We’ve seen the return of two icons this week, with Whitney Houston releasing a new CD and appearing on “Oprah,” and Dan Brown releasing a new book and appearing on “The Today Show.”

Both apparently remain appealing to the public. Whitney’s album “I Look To You” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. And Dan’s book “The Lost Symbol” sold a million copies in a day.


This all makes me feel a bit out touch with America.

I did watch Oprah’s interview with Whitney — I couldn’t resist hearing about the drugs, especially after that “crack is whack” interview a few years back — but I haven’t listened to the CD and don’t really care if I get to it anytime soon. I’m much more excited about the new Muse CD (It’s pretty great).

I’m also not among the the throngs looking forward to reading Dan’s book. I might be one of the few who wasn’t that impressed with the “Da Vinci Code,” though I thought it was somewhat entertaining. I never did understand all the hubbub about that book.

Am I the only one not into this week’s big sellers?

Responses to "Big numbers for Whitney Houston and Dan Brown"

Heather says:

I’m not. But I’m generally out of touch with America’s tastes.

I know it sounds terrible, but I wish Whitney had waited a bit longer to clean up her act. A second season of “Being Bobby Brown” would have made my life.

pk says:

respect her, have never watched an entire episode… and life goes on…

DaVinci….read it, liked it, didn’t get the breathless buzz, it was just an interesting mystery….at some point, might pick up the new one…..and life goes on…..