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Sean Hannity coming to Fresno


Sean Hannity on Thursday will broadcast his national FOX TV show life from the west side of Fresno for a program on California’s water that will include discussion of how the drought has affected the San Joaquin Valley.

Congressman Devin Nunes and Paul Rodriguez are confirmed as guests for the broadcast.

Here are details about the show, sent out by Nunes’ office:
When: Thursday, Sept. 17th
Time: Arrive by 5:00 pm
Where: A fallowed field on the Westside in Fresno County located on the south side of Highway 198, to the west of the Fresno/Kings County line. The field is exactly 8 miles west of Lemoore Naval Air Station and is marked with a speed limit sign and a white wrought iron gate.The area will also be clearly marked with signs and banners.

Responses to "Sean Hannity coming to Fresno"

mdub420 says:

now it’s official…….Fresno is on the map!!

Andres says:

Sounds like its around Rtes 198 and 269…not too far from Huron…hmmmm

Michael says:

This is the biggest thing ever to happen to Fresno!!!

Especially since the football team lost on Saturday.

TheLoneIguana says:

With any luck, their GPS will fail and Hannity will never be heard from again.

Mr. Incognito says:

Hmm… If he taps the ground three times and water gushes out, then it’s official, he’s the Son of Rush!

blake says:

And David Nunes will be there— the guy who was recently quoted as saying, “Environmnetalists are the new Communists”.
Then, along with the amradio guy, there will be at least two people there who are sensible and reasonable, able to look at a problem in all its complexities and able to follow an argument beyond bumper-sticker-like slogans. (Please note: that was intended as very very extreme sarcasm).

pk says:

gee…..the biggest industry in the area depends on water….this is the exposure that IS needed!

soddruntlestuntle says:

A ‘Fallowed Field’– kind of like the American Landscape after eight years of Bush…

Barf. First you’ve got Hannity, the Joseph Goebbels of Faux News on one side, and then Devin Nunes, a right-wingnut and Bush ‘Compassionate Conservative’ if there ever was one on the other. Oh, and Paul Rodriguez? Talk about your A-list celebrities. What, Yakov Smirnoff not available that day?

alex says:

It’s official, Sean Hannity is an outside agitator.

G says:

Well they actually are pretty close to communists!

Rachel says:

Sounds like you would all rather buy your food from overseas. Good luck with that.

blake says:

Online arguing is awesome. It always follows logic:

“I don’t like AM radio entertainers/propogandists”

translates to:

“I don’t have a heart for, nor an understanding of, the struggles of our valley’s west-side.”

Johnny says:

There is over 40% unemployment on the west side to save one type of fish(more like one type of bait as used on the East coast). People will eat the food, complain when its ridiculously expensive and hard to get but will never listen to anyone who disagrees with what them makes feel good no matter wheather it make since or not.

When what makes you feel good matters more than making since, welcome to the world of the left.

soddruntlestuntle says:

Touche, mon ami!

Lisa says:

Totally agree with you Johnny! Some people seem to think we are less than fish!

blake says:

I like fish. It’s neat how they can swim and breathe underwater.

Sarah says:

Everyone, PLEASE do some reading on the reality of our water crisis. It is not a water supply problem it is a water demand crisis. We have a finite source of fresh water and the infinite population growth that is the true competitor with agricultural water use. The fix will not be achieved through the draining of our NATURAL agricultural land in the Delta. We are destroying, not only 26 specieces of fish and now five bird species, we are destroying the entire ecosystem of our nutrient rich, natural ag land. Building da,s works the same way as clogging an artery it throws the organism or system into disequalibrium. I am also conserned by the human suffering in the westlands. Caused mostly by the breakdown in develpoment and construction but also by the ag water cuts. Bottom line, we need a new industry in Mendota. We have the most perfect local for a solar industry in the sunniest state in the country. Give them jobs but not at the expense of destroying our entire ecosystem…and thus eventually ourselves.

Alan says:

You are right Sarah, Though the plight of the people in the West Valley is difficult more water cannot be legislated. Our current relationship with water in California is unsustainable and water conservation and new green industries needs to be the driving force for assisting these people. There won’t be a water bail out.

wet towel says:

Sarah has some good points in this.

Something that is truly hard to fathom (no pun intended) is how water is missused out here.

The documentation of endless sprinkler run-off and overuse of water on stuff that really is silly?,
(artificial landscape after artificial landscape in the desert,) makes no sense to me.
You’ve created and perpetuate your own lies, and now they’re costing you.

People treat water like it’s free and ‘deserves’ to be missused.
It’s just arrogant and stupid, and very rarely do the arguments speak to this basic fact.

On the east Coast?,
-we don’t really have a water problem (except for pollution.)
There’s water all over the place, rain every few weeks (sometimes days) and precip. all year ’round.
-(Still) we consider it no big deal to pay for water as part of our municipal responsibility.
It’s a given.
It’s expected.

Despite the fact that Water is rare, and a’hot comodity?’
The idea of actually ‘paying for it’ (which, would, no-doubt reduce over-use and waste)
is seen as some sort of affront to your identity and morals as human beings.


Meter the water.

Make EVERYBODY pay for it, (here, same as every other civilized area.)
Enforce it’s regulation.

You’ll be SHOCKED at how much ‘extra’ water suddenly shows up.

soddruntlestuntle says:

Sarah and wet towel are exactly right– so much water is wasted here in this valley it’s sickening. We live in a veritable desert, yet we homeowners have no limitations on what vegetation we can plant; some towns have restrictions on watering (while some like Clovis only offer ‘suggested’ watering guidelines), yet with cities in budget crunches, who has time to patrol and cite water abusers? And the absence of meters is absolutely inconceivable– I used to live in Portland, which receives approximately 40 inches of rainfall per year(compared to Fresno’s 11 inches), and homeowners there are metered. So to all of you nitwits placing all the blame for our current crisis on environmentalists… you’re argument is all wet.

dan says:

As usual, more politics from hannity. As i look at his crowd there are hardly any mexicans there, and nearly all caucasions who own the land and have made millions off the back of illegal immigrants. I dont see him saying turn the water on and employ legal immigrants. Oh i forgot thats why they hire legal mexicans to hire illegals so they can hide behind that. They should have forseen the future and realized maybe there run is coming to an end. I bet if you look at the farm laborer conditions you will see run down dillapadated housing for them and rich pristine conditions for the land owner. And please i am hispanic myself. If the water does get turned on next you will hear him say all the illegals are taking our jobs. This is crazy. How about putting a solar farm up. That doesnt hurt the environment and will not need any water at all.Whos in the food lines the hispanics.

AJ says:

Liberals are morons. Obama is a disaster.