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Where do you buy local?

buy localForget the Black Friday craziness at big-box stores. Plenty of you out there are vowing to buy local this holiday season. More money stays in the local economy when you do that (and it’s easier to find unique gifts, I think). So let’s make it easy for a Fresno-minded shopper to go Christmas shopping this year. What is your favorite local store to shop at? What do you get there?

Full disclosure: You’re helping me do my work by responding to this. We’re planning a shop local story in a future Sunday paper and your input will help guide what goes into it. I’m looking for your favorite locally owned stores to shop at in different categories, including:

Gifts for the home
Food gifts

And heck, anything else that comes to mind. The more examples of cool stuff you’ve found, the better.

Responses to "Where do you buy local?"

Kim Leonard says:

Misc. Trading Co.
All Things Fresno
Kern Street Gift Shoppe
Coil Yoga has some really nice handmade jewelry and high-end yoga wear.
Art By Hand at the Water Tower- they even have Pop Laval Christmas Cards!

(We just did #JingleHop at DFP yesterday so all of the really great stuff is fresh in my mind!)

attykendall says:

the city claims to support “buy local,” but when they made ads, it was clear they were only worried about collecting tax revenues from businesses that had local stores instead of online buying, rather than supporting locally-based businesses. of course, the true buy local is difficult to determine. for example the subway that is owned by a local merchant, who spends their money locally and simply pays a franchise fee. is that a buy local? and then what about buying services? again, the city claims to be pro-buy local, but they hire southern california attorneys to represent their interests.

wienzer says:

Kids toys – We shop at Professor Toy for all our kids toys and birthday gifts for friends. The prices are the same as ToysRUs (unless they are having loss leader sales) on the stuff they both sell like legos, however they carry more learning and quality imagination play toys as opposed to movie/tv tie in toys.

Bikes – We’re getting the boys bikes at Fresno Schwinn, they were wonderful over there. Stevens Bicycles are also very nice, knowledgable and helpful.

Running – Sierra Running Company in the Fort Washington center. We love this place. The owners are wonderful, the staff is amazing. The will take the time to fit you to the right shoe based on your activity level, gait, and price range.

Lanny Larson says:

Hard to beat the Gibson Farm Market at Fresno State where the wine, nuts, olive oil, raisins, meat, cheese and processed foods (barbecue sauce, jams, salsa, etc.) make great gifts and proceeds from sales are plowed back into the university’s agriculture program.

Dana Phillips says:

Vonda’s. Yes it’s expensive but she’s local and if you look around her shop you can find affordable things. All of her stuff is high quality and really comes with the spirit of giving in mind. From children’s clothes, to knick Knacks, to small figurines, candles it’s all personal. She and her staff serve each customer personally and her gift wrapping is second to none. Everyone knows when they get a gift from Vonda’s that it’s special.

Jennifer says:

We try to buy local as often as possible. It can be tough to ferret out good places.

Fresno Ag. This place is amazing and has only disappointed me once: I was asking for keys made for a 1965 Mustang and they sent me to a local locksmith. Other than that, they’ve got more than you think and it seems like every employee knows exactly where everything is. Truly amazing customer service.

Kwirkworld. Need something for the kitschy person in your life? Kwirkworld probably has some bizarre trinket or sock that matches your needs. And, again, a great staff.

Book Nook. Good place for used books. Still need to check out A Book Barn in Clovis.

A-Mark Printing. We get the shirts for our business printed here. They may be slightly cheaper with an online vendor, but customer service wins out again here. They do quality work with a tight turnaround and amazing customer service.

Dragon’s Treasure. Hand made jewelry with an option to work with the artist to create a custom piece. Some art, cards and posters. Great stuff and good prices with — again — a small business owner who gets that good customer service will win out.

Gibson Market: Totally agree with the previous poster.

And, admittedly I’m biased, but Crazy Squirrel Game Store isn’t a bad place for non-electronic gaming and general geekery. Plus, we try to spend our money locally.

Aileen Imperatrice says:

To make sure you are shopping exclusively local – buy direct from Local Artists at the Third Annual Holiday Handcraft Boutique coming up this Friday, December 6th — 5:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m., Saturday, December 7 — 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Monday, December 9 — 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. This all takes place inside a local business woman’s home – decorated for the holidays and with wine tasting and food to eat while you shop! Her home is just a block away from where Christmas Tree Lane begins! And for all the details you can visit the event page here:!/events/250227655125554/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

B. Cooper says:

For gifts when you want something special – Dragon’s Treasure. Local business that’s been around for years, Bob and Lisa are talented artists and wonderful people. In addition to Bob’s creations they carry a range of unique jewelry, cards, and art pieces at reasonable prices. It doesn’t take a gold card to just walk in the door.

Glen Hanneman says:

I don’t live in Fresno any longer, but some of my favorite stores were: Patrick’s Music, Miller Sheet Music, Zlfred’s (great food for generations!), Far West Books, and although I don’t think they are around any more, Tomb’s Jewelers. All the owners would come to service you personally and take the time to visit and really make sure you got what you needed and not push stuff on you that wasn’t needed. I also liked Western Boot and Shoe downtown. And every one of the stores knew their product and its specs. Arthur’s Toys (are they still in business?–best toy store in Fresno when I was a kid–they had everything and it was all quality–unlike the chain stores. And I second Dragon’s Treasure, Fresno Ag.

ed says:

if i want to give coffee, i give Cafe Corazon.
i’m not sure where you can get the beans but Lanna Coffee also does some nice roasts.

You can go to Spokeasy or Das Bierhaus have a bunch of local beers if you want to take some along to a holiday celebration.

I love Fresno Ag for a lot of stuff, and they often have some surprising things for gifts.

If you want to give plants, there are tons of nurseries. My favorite has been Belmont nursery.

JoAnne Lucas says:

Downtown Clovis is pretty much all local only businesses. My latest favorite is the Foxtail Gallery for reasonably priced rocks, minerals, fossils, gemstones, and jewelry. Located at 614 Fifth Street. Just gorgeous stuff.

Heather says:

Craftopia!! Awesome little shop with handmade items and a good variety of arts and crafts supplies – scrapbooking, fabric, looms, yarn, clay, jewelry making, etc. Besides being able to find some unique gifts here, I’ve loved the classes I’ve taken in such a comfortable and fun environment – sewing, paper crafts, boutique bow, felt cupcakes, beaded earrings. A gift card from here would make an excellent gift, too!

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