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Watch this: Fresno punk documentary

Dale Stewart is a good guy to have around the music scene. He’s what I’ve dubbed “the official historian of the Fresno punk-rock.” That’s mostly because he was there at its inception in the late 1970s, but also because he’s the only one seriously chronically this stuff, both on his website, and in a series of mini-documentaries posted on his Youtube page.

The first, featured the all-girl group, the Frigidettes. His latest, released this week features The Subtractions/The Modern Kids. There are a few tracks from the band, along with commentary from drummer Wayne Garabedian.

Stewart, who also played in the Subtractions (and later the hard-core group Capital Punishment), is not just in it for the history. He still plays. His current project, The Dale Stewart Trio, does protest-y folk rock. You can see the band Dec. 5 at the Strummer’s Grill.

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chris says:

Subtractions drummer Wayne G. plays on this tune from new release (12-3-13) of Fresno Tower district bands on called “Party in the Tower” includes Clams, Pep Boys, Radio London and Distractions.

Josh Tehee says:

Chris. Thanks for the info!

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