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The Beehive Asks: What do you think is in the “Book of Secrets?”


Today, President Obama said he’s seen the book of secrets referred to in the movie“National Treasure: Book of Secrets” during a White House interview with talk radio show host Michael Smerconish.

The book is supposed to contain documents collected by presidents, covering controversial topics such as the JFK assassination, Watergate, and Area 51.

Obama joked, “I would tell you but I’d have to kill you,” when asked about the secrets in the book.

So, let’s play a game: What conspiracies secrets do you think are in THE BOOK?

I’m thinking “Cigarette Smoking Man” has to be in there.

Responses to "The Beehive Asks: What do you think is in the “Book of Secrets?”"

joyunconfined says:

Perchance he was referring to the following:

I have a copy. Right here. Gems of info include the secret history of Kotex, the locations of abandoned NY subway stations, Nixon’s secret Apollo 11 speech to be delivered if that mission had failed, and other completely uninteresting things.

It must be this, because, after all, EVERYbody knows about the JFK Assassination, Watergate, and Area 51. You can’t swing a cat without hitting someone who’s read some conspiracy theory about all of those.

So yeah. The prez must know the secret history of The Colonel’s original chicken recipe.

blake says:

I know what’s really in there:
The *real* reason 450,000 Fresnans aren’t more actively engaged in going out to support live/local entertainment.
I know.
I know.
We all THOUGHT they were
a)watching TV
b)going to chain restaurants

But, secretly, they are engaged in creating an Underground Eden in case the Commies drop the Big One. It’s modeled on the pioneering work of Forestierre and his famous “Underground Gardens” .
For those 500-1,000 out there supporting local eateries and seeing local plays and checking out local bands?—-these are the ones not in on the secret.
They were deemed untrustworthy.

Sara M. says:

I think the book says that everything that you saw on The X-Files was true. “The Truth Is Out There” Lol! :)

SamEyeAm says:

You’ll find the secret behind why “Two and a Half Men” is still on the air.