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Oh Pooh! Tom Hanks isn’t perfect

tom-hanks-is-walt-disney-in-the-first-trailer-for-saving-mr-banksIt was beginning to look like there was nothing that Tom Hanks couldn’t do. I thought he had made a mistake by taking on the role of Walt Disney in the upcoming movie, “Saving Mr. Banks,” but after seeing his performance, Hanks perfectly has captured the essences of the man who built the Disney empire.

During an interview for that film, Hanks finally revealed he does have at least one small flaw.

“Saving Mr. Banks” deals with Walt Disney’s efforts in the early ‘60s to convince P.L. Travers, the author of the “Mary Poppins” books, to sell him the rights to make a movie based on the character. She’s very hesitant. In an effort to win her over, Disney takes her to Disneyland. Several scenes were filmed at the Anaheim theme park before the gates opened.

Hanks thought this would be a great opportunity to take his granddaughter on a ride. It would be like she was getting the chance to enjoy a trip to the park with Walt Disney.

“An interesting thing happens as a grandparent in that you see no reason whatsoever that your granddaughter shouldn’t be delighted to take a ride on the Winnie the Pooh Adventure. It’s Winnie the Pooh. It’s fun. It’s Pooh Bear. It’s Kanga and Roo and Owl. It’s Christopher Robin,” Hanks says.

“It’s gonna be a blast. She’s gonna remember this the rest of her life, her ride on Winnie the Pooh’s Great Adventure.”

It didn’t go as planned. She will remember the ride but not the way Hanks envisioned it.

“My granddaughter was terrified by the noise, the big spinning bears. She will be haunted for the rest of her days by this first image of Winnie the Pooh in a loud, short, herky-jerky ride that her grandfather forced her to do on the day he played Walt Disney in Disneyland. That is just a sample of the fantastic job I do as a grandparent. Thank you” Hanks says.

He may have grandparenting flaws, but Hanks continues to be nearly flawless when it comes to acting.

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