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Tonight: Patrick Contreras’ DVD release

Patrick Contreras has been absent from the scene for awhile. He’s been busy travelling, playing and expanding his musical horizons (he’s gotten into hip-hop and electronic dance music). He’s played huge EDM festivals, been featured on World Star Hip-Hop and took a trip to Guinea Bissau, West Africa, where he shot this video of “Hallelujah.” The video will be included on a new DVD that he’s releasing tonight with a show at Frank’s Place.

If you’re interested in Contreras’ new direction, he assures me it will be mind blowing and on full display tonight (I may have added the mind blowing part, but still…)

Responses to "Tonight: Patrick Contreras’ DVD release"

z says:

That video was so cool and beautiful. Awesome job Patrick….keep it up and make Fresno proud!

Peter Robertson says:

Keep on keepin’ on!

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