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Metal heads get their dream wedding

Wedding bells? For Travis Bartlett and Lanae Forrest it’s more like wedding riffs. As in the heavy-metal guitar shredding of Skeletonwitch. Barlett and Forrest will be wed on stage before that band’s set tonight at Strummer’s. The Ohio metal band is in town playing with the Black Dahlia Murder, Fallujah and Noisem.

This is a dream wedding for the Bakersfield couple. Both huge fans of metal and met while Bartlett was playing in a death metal band. Forrest was always at the shows. When it came time to plan the wedding, they knew they wanted to have bands involved — maybe a show in Bakersfield with a bunch of locals. The couple kept throwing around ideas, but where at a bit of a standstill when they heard Skeletonwitch would be playing Fresno.

It was a lightbulb!

Or, just another crazy scheme that would never come to fruition. That was Forrest’s take, anyway. But Bartlett knew a friend who knew a friend who knew the band, so he made a call.

Word came back that the band was enthused, he says.

“We’re huge fans of skeletonwitch. It’s unbelievable they would want to be part of the wedding,” Bartlett says. “It’s kind of like a dream come true for me.”

The ceremony, as it is, will take five or so minutes, which Bartlett hopes it won’t be too obtrusive for those who didn’t pay to see a wedding. Forrest will be wearing a ball gown — it’s black — but there won’t be a tuxedo or suit for Bartlett.

“I’m going to feel underdressed, but that’s OK. I’m used to it,” he says.

Somehow, I think he’ll be fine.

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