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The Swedies: Swede Fest XII awards

1292850_10151576155731595_1138219569_oSwede Fest XII (that’s 12 for those who don’t count in Rocky numerals) happened this weekend at the Tower Theatre. It was a packed house.

While the semi-annual celebration of sweded films isn’t actually judged, The Beehive has made it habit to hand out awards for what we see as the best of the fest. You can see all the entries at Swede Fest site. Winners receive their names in this post (which they can feel free to link on IMDB) and my sincerest admiration (seriously, the efforts are inspiring).

And the Swedies go to:

  • Best casting: Joe Reinartz as John Stamos in “Full House.” Not sure if Reinartz was cast because of his resemblance to the one-time Beach Boy, but it is uncanny, especially in the final scene.
  • Best picture:The Royal Tenenbaums,” Zoë Smurr and Jemimah Barba. This hit all the marks for what I want to see in a swede. It adequately pays homage to the original work while being utterly crappy (in the best possible way. Seriously, no disrespect).
  • Best direction: Matt Hackney, “Milo & Otis.” What is it they say about working with animals and kids?
  • Best original adaption:The Last Dragon.” This is great example of taking creative licence in your swede. Two words: Soul Glow.
  • Best production: Dead in 60 Years, “Brokeback Mountain/Jurassic Park/Misery/Forrest Gump.” This could have also been best picture. The wonderful meshing of stories was brilliantly executed and shows the amount of pre-planning that went it to the swede. This swede also features the best butt joke.
  • Biggest “name” actor: Chris Hardwick, “Star Wars.” Hardwick is the Nerdist. Having him in an entry is a big score for Swede Fest’s street cred. This swede could also win for best use of cardboard.
  • Best Napoleon Dynamite: Joana, Jonathan and Danny. W/special recognition to Mr. Chad & Kiddie Kampus.
  • Best special affects: Alex Elkins and Tony Wright, “Jaws.” Using Legos figures to make a swede is nothing new. The added details (the ripples in the water for example) elevates this to one of the best entries in the festival. That opening scene is worth watching twice.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about the entries this time around? Who took home the awards in your book?

Responses to "The Swedies: Swede Fest XII awards"

Jeffresno says:

The chase scene in the Fast & The Furious was terrific. Also, James McLane nailed it as Daniel Plainview.

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