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A great read for bicyclists (and those who hate them)

This piece by Daniel Duane in the New York Times Sunday Review is some of the best stuff I’ve ever read on the whole bicycle vs. car culture debate (and I’ve read a lot).

His last two graphs are especially on point and something I wish I had written.

Cycling isn’t sky diving. It’s not just thrill-seeking, or self-indulgence. It’s a sensible response to a changing transportation environment, with a clear social upside in terms of better public health, less traffic and lower emissions. The world is going this way regardless, toward ever denser cities and resulting changes in law and infrastructure. But the most important changes, with the potential to save the most lives, are the ones we can make in our attitudes.

Thanks to Urban Velo for the link.

Responses to "A great read for bicyclists (and those who hate them)"

JJJ says:

Josh, try and find a single instance of Fresno PD prosecuting a motorist when killing a cyclist in town.

Good luck.

blake says:

liking this post.

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