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‘Hunger Games’ new theme – parks

The-Hunger-Games-Catching-Fire-Wallpaper-01It’s no surprise Disney executives are working long hours to come up with new ways to increase the presence of Marvel Comics characters at their theme parks. It would be easy to create new rides and exhibits because the characters have been around for more than 50 years.

What is a little surprising is that Lionsgate, the studio behind the “Hunger Games” movies, has been approached by two companies to build a theme park based on movies. The only way this would work is if the attractions were added to an existing park as in the cases of Cars World at California Adventures or the Harry Potter attraction at Universal.

Here are a few ideas in case they do create a “Hunger Games” theme park:

Before you even enter the park, the games begin. There aren’t enough parking spaces for the crowds and so it’s a fight to the death to see which families get in and which are eliminated. No one dies, the losers are just sent to the less appealing Hungry Games Park.

You are met at the front gate by an animatronic President Snow who sends you to one of 12 districts in the park.
District 1 specializes in producing luxury items. Be sure to buy a souvenir Effie Trinket.
District 2 is in charge of fighting and weapon making. Here you can fight a holographic Peeta. Don’t worry, he rarely fights back.
District 4’s claim to fame is fishing. Watch while park employees fish money out of your wallet for your “Hunger Games” T-shirt.
District 6 is known for transportation. Take the “Hunger Games” ride where 24 people are placed in a car at the start but only one makes it to the end.
District 7 is all about lumber and paper. And when they say paper, they mean the paper money you will spend buying “Hunger Games” toys designed to fall apart in a few days.

There’s a 13th district but it’s the gift shop guaranteed to leave you as broke as those who live in the other 12 districts.

End your day at the Katniss Kitchen where you can enjoy a piping hot bowl of Catching Fire Chili. It’s guaranteed to make any man or women feel like they are on fire.

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