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Gluten-free P*DE*Q bakery opens in Clovis

PdeQ 010Remember the Gluten Free Please! Bakery in Clovis? That business is no more, but don’t worry gluten-free fans, the P*DE*Q Bakery has taken it over and is keeping the gluten-free options. The bakery is at 435 N. Clovis Ave., Suite 106, at Herndon and Clovis avenues next to Jimmy John’s.

It serves P*DE*Qs, of course, the locally made Brazilian cheese bread — short for pão de queijo — that is gluten free. Everything else is gluten free too, including sandwiches, pizza slices, 12 kinds of cupcakes, muffins and pizza dough that you can take home and roll out. The bakery also carries five kinds of fresh gluten-free bread, some of them vegan.

The bakery also sells some other gluten-free brands in its cooler, including chicken nuggets, onion rings and pie crust.

Ever since friendly Flavia Takahashi-Flores launched her business across the street from Fresno High in 2011, it’s been taking off. That location will stay open, by the way. Flavia is gearing up to sell a 36-pack of P*DE*Qs in area Costco stores. She’s also working on three more products — a gluten-free version of Cheez-It crackers, pizza dough and a multi-grain bread — that she hopes to sell at stores soon.

Responses to "Gluten-free P*DE*Q bakery opens in Clovis"

Jeanie Forsyth says:

My husband and I went there for the first time, and we loved it. What a great alternative to other bakery’s. I purchased a pumpkin muffin and a chocolate cupcake…yummy! I also got a loaf of multi-grain bread. Very good and the people that work there are nice and helpful. We will be back.

Audra S. says:

I was originally disappointed when I heard that Gluten Free, Please! closed, but I love P*De*Q! I had some at the original store down in Tower, and they have the same thing in Clovis–crunchy, spongy, cheesy, yummy bites–PLUS the cupcakes, breads, pizzas, and pies the old place offered. Their tea is good, too. :-)

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