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Filling the void between my favorite book-to-movie series

I’ve seen “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and will probably go see it again this weekend. But then what? It’s ages until “New Moon” hits theaters. I’ve got a “geeky-book-fan” void to fill.

I’m starting my countdown (46 days) to the release of “Catching Fire,” the sequel to Suzanne Collins “The Hunger Games.”

If you haven’t read the first book, get it now and read it before September. It is fantastically creepy, even Stephen King agrees. When I finished the book, I was dumbstruck — kind of like at the end of “Empire Strikes Back” (for those of us who saw them in the correct order and were surprised). That was 10 months ago, and I was pissed that I had to wait to find out what happens next to Katniss, the heroine. Now, gladly, I realized today that I have just over a month to wait (and the hope that this series goes to film).

Void filled, well, at least until the first week of September. Damn! Then what?

Responses to "Filling the void between my favorite book-to-movie series"

Jeff Reid says:

Here’s one way to fill the void: the fiction-reader’s hobby of “fantasy casting”. About 25% of readers do the casting thing with the fiction they read (ask around, you’ll see what I mean). We created a website just to enable this hobby – is the premier “fantasy casting” site. We have built-in actor photos, we add books and actors on request, and our casting engine tabulates the top-cast books and actors. We’ve had over 100 authors come on and cast their own stuff, too. Take a look – we’re sure you’ll like it. And yes, both Suzanne Collins books are on there.

Jeff Reid
“for the movie in your mind”