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Where did the Taco Bell go?

PdeQ, Taco Bell, BevMo 021The sudden disappearance of the Taco Bell at McKinley and Blackstone avenues took some readers by surprise. One minute it was there, the next it was “GONE!!!” as one reader said to me in an email. Yes, it was torn down, and yes, it’s coming back.

The building was getting old and the owner wanted to add more seats (and said something about moving a transformer) so it was easiest to just knock the whole thing down and build anew, says franchisee David Olson, who owns most of the Taco Bell locations in Fresno. They’ve got this process down so well that it takes just 90 days to rebuild. They plan to be open during the first few weeks of January (provided weather doesn’t slow construction and the holidays don’t slow permits).

The new Taco Bell will be the company’s latest design with more “pizzazz,” more fun lighting outside and with 88 seats (about 25 more than before). For the record, the same franchisee did a knockdown and rebuild of a Taco Bell at Jensen Avenue and Highway 99 that just reopened last month, but nobody called me about that one.

Responses to "Where did the Taco Bell go?"

Joshua says:

yeah, no one mentions the Jensen/99 one because no one is stoned out of their gourd trying to get munchies at 2am there… ;)

Victoria Cooper says:

Lol I have to be stoned to eat there at that hour? Musta missed the memo…
I guess I should’ve called… I was shocked at Jensen, but then, that’s my ‘hood lol

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