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Alexis Knapp feels at home on ‘Ground Floor’

gf_badge_tori-271x262_093020130209It often takes actors on a TV show a few episodes to feel comfortable working together. In the case of Skylar Astin and Alexis Knapp — stars of the new TBS comedy “Ground Floor” — the bond was immediate. They had already worked together on the feature films “Pitch Perfect” and “Cavemen.”

On the new TV comedy they share, Astin plays a white collar financial whiz while Knapp’s character is part of the company’s blue collar support staff. The comedy comes from what happens when their different worlds come together.

“Skylar — and almost everyone else — had already been cast when I auditioned. I was asked what I thought about Sylar, I told them I think of him like a brother,” Knapp tells me during an interview on the “Ground Floor” set. “I couldn’t have been happier when I heard he was going to be part of this.”

Having someone she knows so well on the cast is great but not why Knapp went after the role of party girl Tori on the series. Knapp was excited about the idea of becoming part of a TV family that gets to do more than work on one project and then go their separate ways.

She also sees great potential in the character.

“I liked a lot of the key plot points about her,” Knapp says. “She has a passion for dancing. She’s not promiscuous but is a little bit wild. I thought all of that was cool. And, then getting to be a regular on TV, that would be great.”

The role was originally suppose to be Hispanic but was changed when Knapp auditioned. Another interesting thing about the role is that Knapp’s character is the only one on the series who doesn’t have a last name. She’s just known as Tori. Knapp laughs and says it’s just like how Cher only needs to use one name.

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George Semark says:

Why don’t they show more of you on the show. I look for you but can nevernget a good look at you.

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