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Dunkin’ Donuts getting closer to Fresno

donutsDunkin’ Donuts is coming to Fresno … eventually. The popular donut store announced last month it was looking for franchisees in the Fresno area to open restaurants. And now one has opened in Barstow.

The chain is pretty popular on the East Coast, though most people seem to know it more for its coffee than its donuts. I remember my family getting one of those fold-up boxes full of Munchkins — donut holes — on long drives as a kid and sharing them around the car.

Dunkin’ Donuts may be a relatively new concept to many Fresnans. So, those of you who have been to one, what do you remember about it? What did you get?

Just to jog your memory (and because it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry and I feel like punishing myself), here’s some of the yummy-sounding donuts, including seasonal ones, listed on their website:

Old fashioned

Boston Kreme

Blueberry cake

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla frosted

Spiced chocolate caramel

Maple frosted coffee roll

Responses to "Dunkin’ Donuts getting closer to Fresno"

JJJ says:

The make most of their money off coffee these days. But their breakfasts sandwiches are good. Fast, cheap, and filling. Your health is the price of course, but its good in a pinch.

Cody says:

I first had dunkin donuts on a military trip in New York and have been wanting one SO bad in Fresno since I moved back. They have great donuts, coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I can’t wait for them to open here. It’s literally something I specifically look forward to when I go out of state. Blueberry cake donuts…SO good! I wish I got this info closer to a real store opening, though.

Helmy says:

My grandson is so happy N me to yes yes Dunkin donuts welcome to Fresno !!!!!

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