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First look: M Street Arts Complex

The M Street Arts Complex opens this weekend with “Spectacle, a Closer Look at Fresno.”

The 10,000 square-foot complex makes use of a renovated auto-part store, and includes gallery space, art studios and art-gallery combinations, including unfinished warehouse-style spaces. The project is a collaboration between GVUrban and artists Christina Rea and Julia Woli Scott.

Earlier this week, Donald Munro and I got a tour of the new space.

Both the complex and its first exhibition look very promising. Donald will have an in depth analysis of the complex (including a Fresno State connection) in tomorrow’s paper. In the mean time, here’s a quick video of Woli Scott explaining the concept, and talking about a few of the artists featured in the exhibition. There was still work being done, so please excuse the audio quality.

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