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Peeve’s local market meets fundraising goal

peeveskickstarterI bet there’s some celebrating going on at Peeve’s Public House & Local Market right now. The business met its Kickstarter goal around lunchtime Friday, meaning it will move forward with opening Fresno’s first market carrying only local foods. The market is designed to be a showcase for Fresno foods and give a boost to its fledgling food businesses. You can read more about the plans here. Construction is scheduled to start Monday and the peeps at Peeve’s hope to have the market open by Nov. 24, just in time for Thanksgiving.

If Peeve’s didn’t reach its goal of raising $18,500 in pledges by Saturday, Kickstarter wouldn’t give them any of the money. As of Friday morning, it was still about $2,000 short. Fundraising on the page continues until Saturday afternoon (they’re at $19,106 as I write this). Any extra money raised will go toward paint and decor.

It’s been pretty cool to watch people proactively take on this cause without the folks at Peeve’s even asking. One customer pledged to get 10 people to donate $100 each. A taco night fundraiser by James Collier brought in lots of money and awareness. Raizana Teas held a fundraiser too. The sense of community and loyalty that surrounds Peeve’s is pretty impressive and it paid off today.

Responses to "Peeve’s local market meets fundraising goal"

JackkiHB says:

As long as people are in the mood of giving there are a lot of great community based organizations and non-profits doing work that needs funding.

James says:

There are *always* a lot of great CBOs doing work here, and there’s *always* a need for funding them.

The Kickstarter campaign is more of a business transaction; each of the funders (not donors) gets a reward based on his or her contribution level. It’s an investment in economic development – funding more projects like this will strengthen the local economy and its residents, helping lift some of the burden from those hard-working CBOs.

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