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The Beehive Asks: What is the best sci-fi franchise?

This week has two sci-fi giants facing off. “Star Trek” opens in theaters Friday; today is “Star Wars Day” — sending fans atwitter with greeting of“May the 4th be with you.”

So, let’s debate: Which franchise rules?

I’m a fan of both. I loved “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Jean-Luc Picard. I saw the new “Trek” movie on Saturday at a promotional screening and loved it. But — that said — “Star Wars” will always come in first (it is responsible for my geeky love affair with all things fantasy after all).

What do you think?

Responses to "The Beehive Asks: What is the best sci-fi franchise?"

blake says:

Planet of the Apes!

(oh, they’re not on the ballot?)

—Ok, I think I’ll have to go with Star Trek.
I think it’s aged better for me than Star Wars.
Those last 3 prequels sort of soured me to the whole thing.

Star Trek has most often been about characters.
Star Wars was a fun adventure romp—for which, I the Indiana Jones movies give better value.

Donald Munro says:

For me, it’s “Star Trek.” I think the answer to this kind of question often depends on personal history. I grew up with “Star Trek” reruns and still retain a kidlike enthusiasm for the material.

DLR says:

Yeah I agree with Blake that the star wars “prequels” kind of ruined it.

I’d say the original Star Wars movies would beat out Star Trek overall, but barely.

The original Star Trek series and Next Generation would beat out Star Wars, but there’s been too much mediocre Star Trek stuff to overlook.

Mike Oz says:

Star Wars FTW!
Klingons FTL!

Jamie says:

Jean-Luc is my tv boyfriend (my hubby gets so jealous), but I grew up with Star Wars…so it gets my vote. I agree that the original 3 films are the best of the Star Wars series. Agree with DLR that Star Trek had a lot of mediocre stuff they put forward…like Deep Space 9.

Mike C says:

I’m more of a Star Trek fan myself. It just seems more established being that it started in 1966. And the first Star Wars film didn’t come out until eleven years later in 1977. Not to mention that Star Trek has more movies. =P

Cristobal says:

Star Trek hands down. Not only has it been more consistent as far as quality, the show has dealt with way more serious issues than Star Wars. You’d never see Luke Skywalker having a serious talk with Hans Solo about racism in Star Wars.

wet towel says:

-’X-Files (Series)’
movies were kind of weak.

-’Matrix’ Trilogy
(First= best.)

(First Two= best.)

-’28 Days/Weeks Later’ (Brit: re viral outbreak of lab developed bio-warfare virus ‘RAGE’ (2) separate films)

-Jacobs Ladder: (1) film, but ‘best in genre’ backfire of Govt. use of combat-performance enhancing drugs (BZ) in Vietnam.)

-Andromeda Strain: (iffy on the remake,) the first is a groundbreaker in sci-fi and med-crossover.(Crichton,) It’s fun to pick apart the diagnosis and outcome, (but) has enough ‘sorta-true’ to it to make it interesting.(the thing is like, 40 years old practically.)

-On the Beach: (orig. film, unclear if ever remade)
absolutely terrifying about what it’s like to be the last country alive (Australia) after a full nuc. war. (really disturbing.)

Honorable Mention?
‘Pigs in Space’ (TV: Muppet show (unsure of dates)
‘THX 1138′ (better than Logans Run)
‘Robo Cop(s)’
‘StarMan’ (…Karen Allen,,, hellloooo’)
‘Buckaroo Bonzai’ – ‘Big Trouble in Little China’
‘Brother From Another Planet’


‘Fido’ (a heartwarming tale about a boy and his pet zombie.)

Best Sci-Fi Band?
B-52′s (of course.)

I never “got” Star Trek. It always seemed like such a guy thing. I love Star Wars though.

Solitaire says:

I grew up with Star Wars and watched The Next Generation… I’d have to say though I’ve loved the Star Wars movies more than I loved the Star trek movies.

marcel says:

Space 1999. Um… too obscure? Never mind.

Dartharoni says:

You forgot to mention Battlestar Galactica.

They are all good in their own way! They are all good!!

I say its a tie!

Cristobal says:

@Dartharoni: They’re all good?! That sounds like Cylon talk to me.

Jason Smithberg says:

I think the question of which sci-fi franchise is better-”Star Trek” or “Star Wars”-is an “apples and oranges” comparison. “Star Trek” was originally created for a television audience, while “Star Wars” was intended for the big screen. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of both-finding enjoyment equally between them. With that being said, I won’t say which one is “better”. I will say which one is the most “influential”. Clearly, “Star Trek” has had the most influential affect on our society-covering topics of race, creed, morality, and technology. “Star Wars” is so wonderful because it is-at its core-a mythological tale of “good vs. evil”. Both have offered extravagant stories based on common ideology and mythology. In conclusion, from my point-of-view, neither is above the other. They are both “the best”.

DrWho says:

Doctor Who is the best Sci-Fi franchise… 1st it is one of the longest running Science-Fiction shows with many TV series and movies.

from November 1963–December 1989 and March 2005–present

753 Episodes More than Star Trek and all the series spin offs combined.

“listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world”