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Karen Marguth lands on the Grammy ballot

karen_boothFresno jazz vocalist Karen Marguth has landed on the Grammy ballot.

According to a release from JazzFresno, Marguth’s latest album “A Way With Words,” is listed on the initial ballot for this year’s best Jazz Vocals category. It’s not an official nomination– those will be announced after the voting members of the National Academy for Recording Arts and Sciences submit their final choices — but it puts her in the running and is an honor in itself.

It’s also a good advertisement for the city. Marguth, a Bay-Area native, is a fixture in Fresno’s jazz scene. The album was produced here (at Maximus Media) and features a number of local players (Eva Scow, Mike Taylor, Pat Olvera, Nathan Guzman, Kevin Hill, Robert Ruffner, Jeff LaRose, Nate Ketner, Ray Moore and Gilbert Castellanos).

Already, the album has received high marks, including a four 1/2-star review in Downbeat Magazine. It is available on iTunes and CDBaby.

We will keep you updated as officially nominations are announced. In the mean time, here’s a video of Marguth playing with local jazz band Espacio.

Responses to "Karen Marguth lands on the Grammy ballot"

Craig Mendez says:

Great stuff! thank you for posting Joshua.Craig Mendez ( An Endless Peer Into Music Souls) Facebook .com

Peter Robertson says:

Recognize those green booths — Chicken Pie Shop in the Tower District! Woo!

RobertAJS says:

Right on to my friend Karen!! I hope she makes it all the way to the stage to pick up her statue!! Either way I understand it’s great to even be considered.

Tom Cash says:

I purchased the album through itunes and listen to it often. Wonderful music interpreted beautifully by Karen and musicians.

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