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The big football winner? Ohio State’s band

Sure, the city is abuzz with the Fresno State football team’s latest big win. But on a national level — at least according to my Facebook feed — all the talk is about the Ohio State Marching Band’s amazing halftime show at the Ohio State-Michigan matchup on Saturday. (Heather Parish wrote: “I literally applauded in my living room. Three times.”) The band’s formations include a flying Superman and a stomping Tyrannosaurus Rex, which ends up “eating” the drum major. From my marching band alum perspective, two things impress me most: the Ohio State band’s precision; and also the fluidity of its movements as it glides from one formation to another.

Very fun stuff. And thanks to YouTube, it’s possible now to watch college marching bands on demand. (I just caught up on a couple of Fresno State Marching Band halftime shows from this season that way.) I long ago gave up on hoping that the TV networks would actually let folks watch a band during halftime. Maybe 3.3 million YouTube views for the Ohio State band’s performance will help change some minds?

Responses to "The big football winner? Ohio State’s band"

Media Hack says:

I was hoping they would do the whole cycle of life thing, You know the sperm fertilizing the egg, but apparently that’s too edgy for Ohio.

Borat says:

Borat saw this ESPN yesterdays and was much impress.

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