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Facebook photo of the day


It’s mine: a sorta grainy shot, taken through my balcony window screen, of my 1993 Saturn being hauled off by a tow truck.

I write:

Just said goodbye to my 1993 Saturn, which ran for an amazing 20 years. It was the first car I ever purchased by myself. I turned it into a donation for Valley Public Radio. You were a good car, Saturn. I shall miss you.

It’s had quite a life, including two times stolen. Now it was time to go to car heaven. I’ve received lots of nice comments from Facebook friends. One of my favorites is from Roque Rodriguez:

SADS! I plan to be buried in my current car.

By the time your burial rolls around, young Roque, we’ll be driving in cars that fly.

Responses to "Facebook photo of the day"

Borat says:

How many miles? What finally gave out on it?

Donald Munro says:

It made it to 176,000 miles on the odometer, but after it was stolen the second time — and returned just around the corner 11 days later — the odometer was broken. It ran for four years after that. I figure it made it to at least 225,000 miles. The transmission finally went out on it.

Borat says:

Most cars should run longer than “you” expect if you keep up on such basic mundane activity such as keeping that oil fresh every 5,000 miles. I am not sure why everyone’s so surprised at this in the era of 20 year Toyotas that are still running from the 80′s and beyond. America finally decided it could compete in the automotive industry and we see the fruits of their labors pay off here 20 years later. What’s interesting to me is that it’s a first generation Saturn.
Most first run models (even of established vehicles such as Mustang who had a terrible time converting to the 94 from the 93 platform, they ironed out a bunch of problems by the time 1995 came around ….trust me I had a 95….whew….) have their share of problems and factory recalls. Did your Saturn get a lot of factory recalls?

Donald Munro says:

I can’t remember many recalls … maybe a few? I’m amazed at how little I had to do to the car before it finally died.

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