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I inherited ‘Idol’ blogging; 1st week = suck

This post brought to you by the Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl contest.

So, with Felicia off finding a new adventure, I am the only Beehiver (Mike Oz says he will never watch the show) left who is willing to follow “American Idol” and keep the conversation going.


So, here’s my take on Tuesday’s “American Idol” performances, where they sang popular iTunes downloads (aka top 40 music) songs.

It was the worst week of performances yet. Worse than the bad performances on Michael Jackson and country weeks put together. Here’s my take on each performer:

Anoop Desai (singing Usher): Bloody hell it was awful. No originality. And, he kept making these snarly face while he sang that made it look like he had gas pains.

Megan Joy (singing Bob Marley): Uninspiring. Flat. Dull. She at least has her own sound and looks the part of a pop star. But, it’s not enough to erase hitting all those bad notes.

Danny Gokey (singing Rascal Flats): Ballads are his thing and he does them well. Not great; not bad. Just so-so. The judges love him though.

Allison Iraheta (singing No Doubt): I dig the rock chick vibe. But her vocals seemed a bit off and definitely not as good as the week before. Glad to see she plays guitar. And, she took a lot of crap for her outfit (see photo). Probably trying-too-hard to channel Gwen. But funky & fun for a 16-year-old.

Scott MacIntyre (singing Billy Joel): Stripped down, just him on the piano. Better than past performances. He’s a good musician, but for me, it’s just not translating. Meh.

Matt Giraud (singing The Fray): Boring train wreck. Wrong song. Copycatish. See-ya.

Lil Rounds (singing Celine Dion): Big voice. Big song. But no goosebumps. Fail. Don’t like the use of the wig/weave look for the second week in a row, especially when your entry video shows you with different hair.

Adam Lambert (singing Wild Cherry): He’s got balls. Hard core shock-rock vocals and no fear = stealing the show every week.

Kris Allen (singing Bill Withers): Wanted to create a “moment” to be remembered by. So, what did he do? He played piano — on the same night two others guys played piano. Huh? That said, his singing was good and a lot better than the other two piano men (even if he does remind me of Jamie Walters).

Overall, the night was pretty sucky. Top spots go to Adam, Kris and Allison. Bottom: Everyone else should go home.

Your turn: Who ruled the night? Who should go home?

Responses to "I inherited ‘Idol’ blogging; 1st week = suck"

Mike Oz says:

If they all got voted off, could the show just end?

Partymarty says:

Damn, that blows. Now you HAVE to watch that show. Idol needs to be permabanned from TV altogether.

BTW, every time Blake Lewis tries to beat box, God kills a kitten.

zara says:

Adam Lambert – while good last week, when he toned things WAAAAY down – makes my ears bleed. And my dogs howl.

Stephen says:

Look, I’m ready to volunteer to cover Idol for the Beehive, but I think the powers-that-be prefer I don’t learn how to post my thoughts online (without moderation).

Anoop is a singer trapped in a med student body. “I want to be an R&B performer.” Really? You don’t even qualify as a Bollywood Karaoke performer.

I still want to make out with Megan, but she’s gone. Gone gone gone.

At this point in the show, there are a few top singers, and mostly bottom singers. The only one in the middle for me right now is Danny. I wish he would have sang Kris’ song with actual emotion, as opposed to Kris scrunching his mouth around and faking ‘confidence.’

Allison is my favorite. I would buy a ticket to see her perform live, even tho she was mediocre last night.

I actually forgot Matt G. was on the show. His performance was terrible. I predicted his surprise visit to the bottom 3 last week, but now folks see why it’s not a surprise.

Am I the only one who didn’t like Scott’s new look at all? My initial comment was ‘Well, he can’t see, so at least he has an excuse,’ but I realized how brutally insensitive that was, so I took it back. I think he’s reached his ultimate limit as a performer, and is doomed to enjoying the tour and then returning home to take up another career.

I love Adam, but then I’m a huge HUGE fan of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ and every week he seems to be channeling the show through whatever song he does. He’s got a great career waiting for him on Broadway for a couple of years, then he’ll be playing as “Tommy” in Wichita and selling his personal CD’s in the lobby after.

Littul’s kid was soooo cute when she hugged Randy after Ryan tried once again to connect with children, something he should never be allowed to do. However, Littul is stupid. That’s all I can think. Every dang week the judges mention Mary K. or Mariah, and every week she doesn’t try to pick one of those songs. She’s safe, tho.

Kris Allen? I just don’t get it. Sure, I guess he’s cute and the girls love him, but he has zero star quality for me.

Bottom 3: Megan, Scott, Matt. Matt gets voted off and then saved by the judges, leaving Scott gone and Megan amazingly continues for one more week….where she’ll use a stool to sing and will somehow wow the judges.

Stephen says:

What a boooring kickoff show. Lady GaGa didn’t wow me. David Cook? How on EARTH did he go platinum in today’s market where no one buys CDs anymore. Are they counting iTune downloads??

When they split the Idols into 3 groups of 3, I suspected an April Fools deal, one more interesting than my lame try on the above post.

Alas, no. The expected bottom two were there, along with Allison, who actually WOULD have been saved. Allison has no business in the final 3. Megan had her bags packed as of last night, and the news was so anticlimactic it left us all bored.

What I DID like was the judges honesty throughout. Every tough question was answered honestly, and tho it was terse, it was good the judges didn’t go through any ridiculous motions to listen to Megan and pretend the discuss saving her.

Anyways, I’m just holding on til Anoop, Scott and Matt go so we can get down to real business.