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Chloë Grace Moretz keeps making remakes

Let Me InIf she doesn’t watch out, Chloë Grace Moretz, could become the queen of remakes. She currently can be seen in the new version of “Carrie” and was in the 2012 updated offering of “Dark Shadows.” You can add the 2010 horror movie “Let Me In” to that list as it was a remake of the Swedish film “Let the Right One In.”

The next remake for Moretz is a big screen version of “The Equalizer.” For those of you too young to remember the series, Edward Woodward played a retired intelligence agent who becomes a private detective. It ran from 1985-1989.

“I did it with Denzel Washington and he’s amazing. Honestly, Denzel Washington, Julianne Moore and Juliette Binoche are my three favorite actors I’ve ever worked with. Denzel taught me SO many things about being an actor just from being around him,” Moretz tells me during an interview for her work in “Carrie.”

“I have seen so much just watching them conduct themselves on set. The way they act. The way they go over their lines. The things they do.”

What she liked about working with the three actors was that they have very different acting styles. She looked at being with Washington in “The Equalizer,” Moore in “Carrie” and Binoche in “Sils Maria” as one of the best first-hand acting classes an actor can find.

“You are learning by looking into their eyes,” Moretz says.

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