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Share Your Spooky Tales

Creept-TalesHere is one of my favorites.

Newly married,  my wife and I had been in our first home for about a month, and not all windows had coverings.  The budget was tight and that required us to improvise.  So, we started to use an old rice paper partition to block our dining room window at night. This worked great.

We were both working hard and my hours were especially long — some evenings by the time I got home my newlywed wife was hours into her slumber.  Our weekends where cherished as this allowed time for us to be together and explore the fun things to do in the Valley.  Road trips!

After visiting the Sierra for most of the day we returned home; it was late. I was unpacking the car when my wife asked me, “Steven, why did you move the partition?” When I explained to her that I had not touched it there was doubt in her response: “… So, you did not slide it over toward the corner?” Again I said I had not. So I had to ask her, “Are you sure it’s not in the same place — maybe you moved it when you vacuumed or something?”

Silence. Then she said, “Steven, I did not touch it.”

… That night we slept with our eyes slightly open.

Do YOU have a Spooky Tale? If so,  share it with me.

Responses to "Share Your Spooky Tales"

pk says:

No spooky story here; but a few years ago visited Salem MA, just before Halloween….
The town was all decked out, and the surrounding area homes–they really go all out!
It was just a weird feeling visiting the courtroom where they held the witch trials, and they really
did a nice job giving a history lesson and the whole feeling in the place was very spooky!

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