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Oscar fashion … some people you didn’t see

So most everyone has probably already decided their hits & misses from the Oscar red carpet. Kate and Anne smashing. Miley and Sarah Jessica poofy. Natalie and Frida bold.

So, let’s move on to the Vanity Fair after party. Go ahead, tell us who looked good and who should have stayed at home:

Kate Beckinsale:


I thought Kate looked great, but she usually does. Really, anyone who can wear those skin-tight outfits in the “Underworld” can pull off just about any dress.

But what about these:

Ginnifer Goodwin:




Uma Thurman:


Salma Hayek:


Jada Pinkett Smith:


Responses to "Oscar fashion … some people you didn’t see"

will says:

no, salma … no.

what about any part of that look seemed like a “good” idea to you?

Mike Oz says:

I dunno about that dress, but I love me some Ginnifer Goodwin.

Renee N says:

Jada’s isn’t THAT bad… but they all are pretty horrendous.

suzanne grazyna says:

I kinda like Ginnifer’s dress. It’s fun and looks good on her.

teresa says:

Uma Thurman’s big feet rock!

jennifer says:

I’m probably in the minority here but I kinda like Madonna’s dress, it’s figure flattering (she doesn’t totally look like a man, except for those guns!) and it’s age appropriate at least.
Uma’s is alright for a spring tea party I guess, but this is the Oscars! The rest are awful.

Kathy says:

@Jennifer: Yeah, considering some of the outfits Madonna has been wearing lately, I guess this one isn’t that bad.

Sharyn says:

Salma’s dress does not fit well at all.

I still love Penelope’s 60 year old Balmain. That dress was amazing.