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Tonight: Pub quiz championships

1175141_421903191264524_804112850_nFresno Pub Quiz is one of those events that doesn’t get talked about enough. The weekly quiz night — think Trivial Pursuit, but with relevant questions, not like the version you pull from the back of the closet where all the answers date back to the cold war — has been happening for coming on three years (with only a few days off for holidays and such).

It has a loyal following of teams and they are hardcore about their trivia.

Tonight, the best of those face off against teams from the Sequoia Pub Quiz (which plays up at Sequoia Brewing Company’s north-Fresno spot) in the first-ever Pub Quiz Tournament of Champions. It’s North Fresno vs. The Tower District in a battle-royal (not to overstate things any).

I caught up with Fresno Pub Quiz organizer Ed Stewart to get a quick run down on the event.

How many teams are competing and what is the format?

The Championship Game will run somewhat like our regular game. There will be four rounds of trivia, with the hosts from Fresno Pub Quiz doing the questions for two rounds, and the hosts from Sequoia Pub Quiz doing the questions for the other two. The teams are set, but if people want to sit at any tables and listen along they can. However, with 24 teams qualified, there won’t be too many open tables. We’ll have prizes from the Landmark and Sequoia North, as well as Cafe Corazon. As usual, there will be food and drink specials.

How’d the championships come about? Is the hope that you can bring in other Pub Quiz leagues and make it an annual thing?

The championship idea came from Richard Scroggins, one of the hosts from the Sequoia Pub Quiz. They regularly play at ours, and thought it would be interesting to match up teams from both. We kicked around the idea, and found a date that worked. If the night goes well, it may become an annual occurrence.

Do some trash talking. How good are your teams?

Frankly, I think the Fresno Pub Quiz players are going to dominate, but who knows, maybe someone will bring in a ringer.

I consider myself a fairly well-read guy who keeps up on current events and pop-culture, but I played your quiz a few times and it was hard. So, what makes a good pub quiz team?

Here’s what we tell people. Guide to winning at Pub Quiz:

  • Select team of 6 people you can put up with and work together with for a few hours.
  • Find one person that knows something for each of these key areas – sports, music, pop culture
  • Grab one person that seems to know a little bit of everything
  • Study the round 2 topics (Editor’s note: These topics change from week, are chosen by previous weeks’ winners, and can be CRAZY)
  • Don’t drink too much. It helps to loosen you up, but too much messes up your brain
  • Most importantly, it’s about having a good time

If you miss tonight’s game, Fresno Pub Quiz plays regularly 8 p.m. Wednesdays at the Landmark. Sequoia Pub Quiz plays 8 p.m. Tuesday at Sequoia North.

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Corine Hatfield says:

Why don’t you come out to the Landmark tonight, Wednesday and interview the winners of the Pub Quiz championship tournament. Yes, it was us…….:)

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