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You review: Darius Rucker

CEK DARIUS RUCKER 03I suppose it’s time to stop referencing Darius Rucker by the time he spent in Hootie and the Blowfish. It’s the easy call, because I grew up in the 1990s and those songs were played ALL THE TIME. But this is 2013 and Rucker has grown into a star in his own right and with his own name and brand, as was evident at last night’s performance at the Paul Paul Theater. If the show wasn’t sold out, it was very close and there were large crowds gathered at various spots outside the Paul Paul, watching the show on the theater’s big screen.

FYI: You can actually get a decent concert experience out there. If you can find a good vantage point, the sound is really good.

So, what did you think? Does Rucker have the voice and charisma to a mega-huge country star? Will his next stop through town be at the Save Mart Center? Moreover, was this a good finale for the fair’s concert series? Share you thoughts in the comments and make sure to check out The Bee’s photo galleries for pictures from the night.

Responses to "You review: Darius Rucker"

Borat says:

Fresno media is a j.o.k.e. Where’s the Korn review page? Where were their pictures in the Bee the next day? Instead of Korn pictures at a spirited sold out metal concert (remember Josh how much we love out metal in the valley? You said it.) we skip a sold out Korn (not only sold out, but I’d love to know how those people with the “special VIP Passes” were able to get seats ACROSS the barrier NEXT to the stage. These fans with special passes stickered on their chest couldve been walked on by the band they were so close) and yet we had 23692635326236 (or so) pictures of Zendaya on Sunday? Fresno is so……Fresno. Still. STILL! What, what is the problem? because they have long hair? They aren’t as “cute” as Zendeya or a Hootie? I have to read a review of their show on LA (great review) the day before Fresno’s and a review of their Las Vegas show the day after Fresno’s show just to get a semblance of what real media is like. (Both raving gloating reviews BTW).

Josh Tehee says:

Korn coverage does seem to be missing. It was not intentional, I assure you. Truth is, we can’t make it out to every show and even when we know a show is going to be BIG (and by all accounts Korn was HUGE), we have limited resources. Sadly, sometimes shows like this come up against breaking news and/or Friday night high school football.

It sounds like you were there and enjoyed the show?

Borat says:

I know it was the weekend and I do know you have limited resources but that doesn’t explain or justify you guys not having a “You Review” segment and at least ~one~ picture of the band.

Yes I did indeed go to the concert.

You had 100′s of ticket requests, more than any other show, and might I add, quite a diverse range of people asking for tickets – from people who were introduced to Korn in Iraq; to the mother who ulitmately won – a young mother whose kid was just getting into Korn but had never been to any sort of show either. Great stories in and of themselves but not ~one~ picture of the band after all that hype Josh?
In no way am I accusing you of anything sir; you are only doing what you are assigned and dispatched to cover by the Bee I’d assume…… But I’m pretty sure one of your forte’ isn’t taking pictures for the Bee…

Susan says:

Sorry about Korn, missed that one! But Darius Rucker was GREAT! and so was the crowd!!! Totally entertaining and yes I guess he should be at Save Mart Center. It’s just that I HATE Save Mart Center. But he should be shared with a larger crowd as he was totally entertaining. Great evening all around, the crowd was NOT drunk and spilling beer everywhere! The women were ladies and men were gentlemen…..AWSOME NIGHT!

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