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My take on Fresno State’s ‘ValleyFirsts!’ exhibition


The “ValleyFirsts!” exhibition at Fresno State’s Madden Library received a lot of attention when it opened, including a centerpiece Spotlight story by me. I came back to the topic in my most recent Spotlight column with a review of the show. It isn’t favorable:

The problem is that “ValleyFirsts!” as an exhibition doesn’t deserve any superlatives on its own.┬áIt is not well-focused. And its presentation is underwhelming …

To me it was immediately apparent this exhibition doesn’t have a strong focus. My first question: What is it trying to be? It turns out that the “Firsts” of the title is only a loose description.

Have you seen “ValleyFirsts!”? I’m curious what you think. It continues through Dec. 15.

Responses to "My take on Fresno State’s ‘ValleyFirsts!’ exhibition"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Donalrd, first of all, I don’t consider myself an expert or even an amatuer cosmopitan thinker of these type of artsy exhibits. Truth be told…I wanted to go to this exhibit because I’m a Fresnan born and bread, and a Fres St grad so I wanted to check out the new library; and I thought it would be cool to see something that shows Fresno and the Valley in a good light instead of focusing on the atributes of the Bay Area and of course L,A, and So Cal. We are the Central Valley Dammit we feed the World!
So anyways…I went to the exhibit last night..stayed till it closed at 10pm, I thought it was freakin awesome..but then again Im not sure what to look for. I just thought it was neat to see the old flume pics, all the sports athletic jocks from the past. There was an elderly couple whom was talking to I guess the person putting the exhibit on or was just talking to another person and I overheard them talkng negativley about the exhibit, how “crumpled and compressed” the exhibit was. I had no idea what they were talkin about for I was too busy taking pics lol. So I don’t know, Donald..from an expert like you you thought it was bad…from an amatuer like me..I thought it was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! And kudos to the new FSU library..AWESOME as well.

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