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The Beehive Rewind: The best of television 2008

The Beehive’s look back at 2008 continues with the one thing that touches all of our lives: television. Bee TV reporter and blogger Rick Bentley says you might grit your teeth when a new reality show starts or when your favorite show gets canceled, but no matter how bad TV treats us, we all keep going back.

Here are the TV shows in 2008 that captivated Bee bloggers (we encourage you to weigh in with your own picks or even make fun of ours):


Rick Bentley: My pick is bittersweet. “The Shield” came to an end with one of the best finales in television history. Through its run, the series combined smart writing with gritty action. Remarkable performances by a talented cast each week, particularly Michael Chiklis, made this appointment television.


Mary Lou Aguirre, Central Valley Moms: Best guilty pleasure(s): Watching Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County or Real Housewives of Atlanta. Both are proof that money or breast implants can’t buy you taste, style or grace.


Heather McLane: AMC’s “Mad Men” is the best show on television right now (sorry, “Dexter”). If you’re not watching this show by now, you clearly hate yourself, and there’s nothing I can do for you.


Mike Oz: It’s not often that TV can make me cry — but the last two episodes of “The Wire” did. Season by season, “The Wire” peeled back different layers of urban decay in Baltimore. Season five brought the media — specifically newspapers — into that picture. So it was my favorite show tackling my profession in its farewell season. It was equally brilliant, bittersweet, touching and thought-provoking.

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Kathy Mahan: I love “Chuck.” It’s funny and fast-paced. The plot doesn’t try to be too clever or mysterious, like some shows that never give you answers, and the secondary characters are hilarious. And, how can I resist a show where in one episode Chuck saved the world by reaching the top level of a video game by playing to the beat of “Tom Sawyer”? If you like wit and pop culture references, this show rules!


Bethany Clough, Business news blog: Battlestar Galactica. Go ahead, make of fun of me for being a sci fi geek (I’m not.) Those of you that have seen this show know how fantastic it is and why non-sci fi people like me love it. (You know how Grey’s Anatomy is kind of like ER, but in soap opera form? This is sci fi in soap opera form, and better than Grey’s Anatomy.) The NPR reviewer called it the best show on television. Though it’s been on hiatus for months, I still keep mulling over the beloved characters they killed off and what is going to happen next. If you haven’t seen it, this would be a fine time to start renting the DVDs.


Will Albritton: My favorite TV shows are “Life,” “Chuck,” “The Office,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Family Guy.” But in 2008, I was glued to the screen any time Barack Obama came on. Even though all 37 debates were a waste of time, I kept watching. I mean, c’mon: Dude. Is. So. Handsome. But it was his speeches that were really must-see TV for me. My favorite was the speech he made on race in the wake of the Jeremiah Wright controversy.


Craig Kohlruss, Bee There: This is kind of embarrassing but in 2008 I was completely addicted to the first half-hour of the Today Show. With the presidential campaign, nose-diving economy, Michael Phelps’ historic Olympic run, Elliot Spitzer scandal, and the Caylee Anthony murder case, I was always immersed in breaking news first thing in the morning. Although I love my morning fix with a cup a Joe, when finished, I always made my way over to my recliner to hear the latest. I guess I’m kind of a junkie that way, because I also found myself DVR-ing Countdown with Keith Olbermann each night to catch up on Worsts, Oddballs and Special Comments. Not to pay too much homage to NBC, I also enjoyed regular doses of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. News, after all, is funny stuff.

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Responses to "The Beehive Rewind: The best of television 2008"

Stephen says:

Rescue Me. THIS is the best show on television.

Rick, I love ‘The Shield,’ but it jumped the shark a couple of seasons ago. Listening to Chiklis listing the wrongs he’d committed to the Feds just made you realize how unrealistic the show had become. But, like you, I gave it my loyalty thanks to the fantastic first few seasons.