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Sexiest vamps on the big screen


Here’s some validation to Robert Pattinson being on the “sexiest man” list (take that Heather!).

Moviefone sent along results from a poll of movie fans on who is the hottest vampire. “Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson wins and even beat out Bratt Pitt in “Interview with a Vampire.”

Pattinson has chicks screaming from him — and apparently freaking him out — everywhere he goes. I’m definitely into “Twilight”, but some of these women are really pathetic — they can’t even explain why they like him or his character Edward. Just look at how these women/girls acted on the Today Show this morning.

So, who else made the hot vampire list? Here’s the Moviefone poll results:

Who is the sexiest male vampire?
Robert Pattinson 112,794 (18 percent)
Brad Pitt 96,307 (15 percent)
Cam Gigandet 82,262 (13 percent)
A. Banderas 78,447 (13 percent)
S. Townsend 60,611 (10 percent)
Jason Patric 38,112 (6 percent)
Gerard Butler 48,223 (8 percent)
Tom Cruise 26,845 (4 percent)
Dominic Purcell 18,136 (3 percent)
Kiefer Sutherland 17,114 (3 percent)
Wesley Snipes 15,405 (2 percent)
Frank Langella 11,046 (2 percent)
Christopher Lee 6,813 (1 percent)
George Hamilton 4,916 (1 percent)
Chris Sarandon 3,135 (1 percent)
William Marshall 2,022 (0 percent)
Total votes: 622,188

Who is the sexiest female vampire?
Salma Hayek 264,718 (22 percent)
Kate Beckinsale 243,763 (20 percent)
Angie Everheart 111,066 (9 percent)
Aaliyah 109,217 (9 percent)
Monica Bellucci 83,393 (7 percent)
Nikki Reed 80,324 (7 percent)
Olga Kurylenko 58,546 (5 percent)
Sharon Tate 46,726 (4 percent)
Kristanna Loken 41.219 (3 percent)
Traci Lords 39,814 (3 percent)
Lauren Hutton 39,564 (3 percent)
Sheryl Lee 32,190 (3 percent)
C. Deneuve 22,954 (2 percent)
Yvonne Monlaur 17,403 (1 percent)
Jennifer Beals 13,452 (1 percent)
Total votes: 1,212,948

Responses to "Sexiest vamps on the big screen"

will says:

looking at the photo here, i’m imagining what she’s saying to him:

“dude, seriously. youre taking this excitement thing way too seriously.”

Heather says:

I love their little matching jackets, and that look on Kristen Stewart’s face that is clearly saying, “Dude, shut up. And try washing that hot mess of hair once in awhile, Vampire Boy.”

Sharyn says:

I couldn’t bring myself to read these books but I have always loved Robert ever since I saw him in the HP films.

I’ll watch Twilight – only to see Robert. If only there was a mute button at the theater…