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You review: Bon Jovi

WATERMARKWhat Bon Jovi has done in the last decade is kind of amazing. While many of their contemporaries languished in classic rock purgatory, becoming so much reality-tv show fodder, these New Jersey boys managed to become the biggest band in the world (at least when looking at gross ticket sales).

Which means, its “Because We Can” tour (which stopped tonight at the Save Mart Center) has a lot to live up to. Here’s your chance to let us know if it did. If you were there, tell us all about the show. How was the set list? Did they play the hits? Was it all you hoped it would be, or was it, as at least one Tweet said, so bad people were leaving.

If you missed it, be sure to check out The Fresno Bee’s photo galleries for pictures from tonight’s show.

Responses to "You review: Bon Jovi"

Patty says:

Had a great time! Ritchie’s absence was not felt, the concert was awesome…. So happy to see Tico behind the drums, that would have been a loss had he not been there. First real concert in a long time and I couldn’t believe the people in front of me were on their phones posting about their being there instead of watching the show! Progress? Oh well, I enjoyed the concert and my sister who is a die hard fan had a great time!

Danny Bruce says:

As usual, Bon Jovi rocks! The place was packed and when he finally came out the crowd went nuts. There were only a few times I thought Ritchie Zambora was missed, but it was not that important in the overall scheme of things. The stage was awesome and the lighting was fabulous.
My only complaint was the concert started 45 minutes late. But other than that it was great!

Darragh says:

What time do they go on? Is there an opener?

Natalie says:

Best concert I have been to!!! They did a fantastic job revving up the crowd at the precise moment! It was also a wonderful mix of the old Bon Jovi and their new songs!

Kathy Mahan says:

I really enjoyed the show. This was the 6th time I’ve seen Bon Jovi, and I think they’ve aged well and deliver a great show. The songs are great and it’s always fantastic fun when 10,000 people sing along to every word. Such great energy! I disagree with Patty about the absence of Richie Sambora not being felt. The two guitar players on stage have no where near the energy or talent as Sambora. His absence was really apparent on songs like “Wanted Dead of Alive” and “Bad Medicine.” The band is better with Sambora there. But I still enjoyed the show and was happy to see that Tico Torres has recovered and joined the show. Jon rocks, looks great and has so much charisma that it’s hard not to have fun. Good times.

Borat says:

Interesting to see the comments and pictures on the front page of the Bee.

I thought Bon Jovi was a band and not just the man. He had one big hit as a solo act. And?

I’ve never been to a Van Halen concert without at least one of the singers and one of the bassists.

I didn’t go but it sounds as if this would be almost the equivilent of Steven Tyler performing without Joe Perry. I don’t get it but I am happy that many people did have a good time, at least. But lets not kid ourselves Richie Sambora is a bit of an underrated talent, and get this I’m not even some crazy fan of the band, but it is what it is.

I enjoyed Donald Munro’s interview with the keyboardist to Bon Jovi because at least it concerned someone in the band other than Jon himself who appears to have “LSD” Lead Singer Disease. Pretty self explanatory.

Susan says:

I loved the show and had a great time too! We paid more for a great seat! I have to agree, I couldn’t believe on their phones and taking pics of themselves instead of watching the concert! Also, should cut off serving people after two beers! Wrist bands two punches your donel Too many drunks…girls check yourselves…, security was on it, but very distracting! Jon Bon Jovi was the only performer I have ever heard that the fans for continued support…true artist!

Jennifer says:

I have been looking forward to this concert for awhile and I was happy to see Bon Jovi perform but we wish he had performed more classics. The concert starting 45 minutes late majorly sucked as did the prices for merchandise. $55 for a t-shirt no thank you! The concert itself was great although I do agree with other posters that beer should be cut off after a couple. People kept getting up and down and getting more beers and margaritas. Just sit your butts in your seats and enjoy the show! Also whoever had the nerve to get stoned in the section I was in we could all smell it and if I could have found out who it was I would have gotten you out of there. All that aside we had a fun night and Bon Jovi really gives a long show. It was 2 hours and 15 minutes long approximately.

Todish says:

Great show overall. I’ve seen Bon Jovi Several times and he never disappoints. But I was missing Richie Sambora. Bon Jovi Concert was definitely the place to be last night.

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