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Would you eat the chicken?

25Fosterfarms Livingston5(1)You may have heard that 278 people have been sickened from raw chicken contaminated with salmonella, likely from a Foster Farms plant. More on that here. There’s no recall. No deaths. And if handled and cooked properly in your kitchen — as all meat should be — it won’t make you sick. In fact, here’s what the company says on its website:

“Salmonella is naturally occurring in poultry and can be fully eradicated if raw product is properly handled and fully cooked,” said Dr. Robert O’Connor, the company’s food safety chief and head veterinarian.”

So, if you had some of the chicken in question at home, would you eat it? Or is there too big a psychological barrier there to get over? Clearly, 278 people (more or less) didn’t cook it properly. My colleague, health reporter Barbara Anderson, has some chicken from the batch in question in her freezer and says she just couldn’t enjoy eating it without wondering if she’d cooked out all those nasty little suckers. How about you?

For the record, chicken needs to be cooked to an internal temperature of 165. More safety tips here.

Responses to "Would you eat the chicken?"

Stephen says:

15 people, that wouldn’t bother me. I’d figure they just didn’t cook it right.

278 people?!? C’mon now.

That chicken’s got to go.

pk says:

Yup….no problem
Cook the damn chicken right!
165* is not hard!
You cannot just throw it on the grill for 20 min!
And ‘Properly Handled’ means no shared dishes/implements from
raw to cooked (don’t forget the counter too!) ….and for the cooking,
you have to make sure; no pink meat, no red/pink juice
check online for guidelines!

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