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Have sharks jumped the shark?

Just when you thought it was safe to start surfing the net without some kind of terror-shark related news, Fangoria releases the trailer to “Avalanche Sharks.” Some are calling this the sequel to “Sharknado,” which we all know it is not. That film is being scheduled for 2014, according to our own Rick Bentley.

This movie may or may not be connected to a movie called “Sand Sharks,” which is pretty much the same plot-points, but with sand instead of snow. Or vice-versa. The whole of it is not too dissimilar to “Ghost Shark,” which was not as terribly terrible as it sounds, all things considered.

Still, I am thinking it is time to give it a break with the sharks.

I’m officially calling for an end to all shark movies. Can we get a new menacing animal?

Let’s see: We’ve already been through other fish. And snakes. There was the killer pig movie. And the giant rabbits. There was that devil dog movie that wasn’t “Cujo.” We’ve seen rats, bats and of course, birds … What’s left? Has there been a killer house cat movie?

In non-movie shark news, this.

You can watch the “Avalanche Sharks” trailer on the jump.

Responses to "Have sharks jumped the shark?"

Donald Munro says:

I vote for anteaters. I find them oddly terrifying.

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