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Can reality TV save Wolfe Manor?

Beehive readers are no doubt familiar with Wolfe Manor, the one-time sanitarium and reported haunted house on Clovis Avenue. The 91-year-old home is famous with the paranormal set, who believe it holds active spirits (read: GHOSTS). The property was featured on TV Shows like “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” Mystery Quest” and “The Dead Files,” before being shuttered up earlier this year for being a “dangerous building.”

That designation was imposed by the city of Clovis, which has declared the home a nuisance and a danger and has ordered the it be brought up to code (it has 22 or so violations according to a story in The Fresno Bee) or brought down (as in razed).

Owner Todd Wolfe is looking to reality TV to save the day.

From The Bee story:

Wolfe said he is in discussions with a television production company to create a program about renovating haunted buildings, with him as the host. A trailer introducing the show has been produced, he said. A trailer introducing the show has been produced, he said. “If the television show gets picked up, that’s the financing for the manor (renovation),” Wolfe said. “I’m just not ready for that now.”

If the choice is between saving a 91-year-old home and tearing it down and replacing it with God-knows-what, I’ll vote to save the thing every time. That’s without the added value this building has as a “paranormal landmark.” That’s not something easily replaced. Of course, you you can’t expect someone to go bankrupt doing it.

Here’s hoping Wolfe can come up with a solution before the city (or the inevitable passage of time. It sounds like the building is waiting to collapse) forces his hand.

Now, that’s just me talking. What do you think? Is the house worth saving? Would you like to see it turned into a haunted hotel (as Wolfe has proposed in the past)? What about a haunted-themed restaurant or bar? If you just want to talk about how the house REALLY IS HAUNTED AND SUPER SCARY AND OMG AAGGGGHHHH! we can do that too.

Responses to "Can reality TV save Wolfe Manor?"

@TheNickHaas says:

I was lucky enough to have gone on one of the haunted tours a few years back. It was a memorable and fun experience. I’d like to see it brought up to code and maybe turned into something like a hotel or restaurant or b&b. But I’d rather the place burns down then become part of reality TV. The bane of this generations existence.

Lisa Joppa says:

A Facebook group has been up since Oct 2013. Together we have established an online petition with over 1000 signatures. It is about to be sent to the Clovis City council to let them know what an important icon this building is to a lot of We want the city to realize that they have a *money maker* here. The city should be helping to preserve the building..not tear it down.

Carol Haggard says:

Be it a reality show, a B&B, Haunted Hotel or just a place to take paranormal tours, it would bring badly needed revenue to the City of Clovis. Its historical value alone is worth keeping it and restoring it to its former beauty. Of course this is my own humble opinion.

Tami says:

I think the house should be restored, It would make a great bed and breakfast for Clovis. The house is (should be) a historical land mark for the city.People come from all over the world to see this house, weather its for its paranormal side or for just the beauty and its history. I live in the neighbor hood of this house, and its sad to see this beautiful house getting more run down

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