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Photo a Day: The Big Fresno Fair – final post, new images

Update: That’s a wrap! The Big Fresno Fair ended Monday night with the Darius Rucker concert. Early estimates indicate it was a strong year for fair attendance and food sales. A big thank you to everyone who shared their fair photos with us the past two weeks on Instagram and Twitter. Here’s an updated slideshow of the images we found.

Update: I added in photos shared over the weekend. Enjoy!

Oct. 11 update:  Lots of new photos to share in our photo a day activity at The Big Fresno Fair. The fair continues through Monday, so keep tagging photos with the hashtag #beebigfairfresno and tag @fresnobeehive. Reminder to make your photos public, so we can see them. Today’s theme is fun. Saturday’s is Smile. Sunday’s is Friendship. Monday’s is kids. You can see the list of all theme on the jump.

Oct. 7  update: We hope everyone enjoyed the fair over the weekend. I saw some nice photos tagged for our photo a day activity, and I’ve updated the slideshow. There are now images from the first 5 days of the fair, including of our weekend themes of food and shadow.  Today’s theme is play. We’d love to see more fair photos for our photo a day activity. Be sure to tag us @fresnobeehive and share public photos at #beebigfairfresno.

Oct. 4 update: Today’s theme is lights.

Original post, Oct. 3: Here’s a look at some of the photos people have taken so far as part of our photo a day activity for The Big Fresno Fair. I’ll keep an eye out for photos and add them to this feed. It’s easy to play along, just hashtag your photos #beebigfairfresno and tag @fresnobeehive with your photos (some photos are not showing up in the hashtag, so be sure to tag us so we can find them). The list of themes is on the jump. Today’s theme is animals.




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