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We couldn’t let the week pass by here at The Sprawl Diaries without acknowledging a whopper of a quotation from none other than Henry R. Perea, chair of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, who at one time seemed to want to fight against leapfrog development and sprawl but is now so firmly a member of The Let’s Build All the Way to Millerton Fan Club that he gets honorary gold-medal developer status.

At Wednesday’s State-of-the-County speech, Perea said the county is pushing the Friant Corridor development study because there is a private-sector demand for the Friant Road stretch between Copper River Ranch and Table Mountain, wrote Bee reporter John Ellis. That development includes the Assemi family’s planned California Health Science University at Millerton Lake. City officials had tried unsuccessfully to persuade the Assemi family to locate the university in downtown Fresno. Perea told the audience:

I know there are some folks saying, ‘Well, gosh, what does that mean to downtown Fresno?’ What does that mean to the inner city? Is it going to hurt it more? Some will call it sprawl. I don’t. I mean, there was a time I would have, but I think downtown will rise and fall on its own.

Ah, the amazing properties of sprawl, that it can be one thing when you’re on the City Council and another when you’re a supervisor.

Responses to "The Sprawl Diaries"

blake says:

I don’t have the words. Apparently our leaders do.
I propose a monument on the Fulton Mall…out of the way of any traffic it might fall to…that would have all the appropriate quotes, from the people who’ve profited from it all. I do still have my May 5,1999 front page of the Fresno Bee pinned up in my studio w/ the headline “Bonadelle pleads to Mail Fraud”…[I think, our local version of Al Capone being convicted of 'tax evasion']
—-Truly, some sort of obelisk…with quotes from all the major players—from Operation Rezone all the way down…I would sacrifice all my milk money for such a monument.

(and yeah, I *used* to think Mr. Perea was one of the cool ones.)

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