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Photo a Day: The Big Fresno Fair

instagramAdThe Big Fresno Fair kicks off next week on Wednesday, so we thought it would be fun to do a Photo a Day challenge at the fairgrounds. Here’s how it works:

Use the list of  themes at right as inspiration during the fair Oct. 2-14. Share your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BEEBIGFAIRFRESNO. You can also tag the Beehive on Instagram and Twitter and share photos on our Facebook page.

We’ll keep an eye on the #BEEBIGFAIRFRESNO haghtag — and our social media pages — for photos. We’ll share a selection of photos in The Fresno Bee and on


Responses to "Photo a Day: The Big Fresno Fair"

Stephen says:

You forgot some categories:

11. Gangs

12. Horse racing/torn loser tickets

13. Fried food vomit*

14. Screaming overtired kids in strollers

15. “Where did you get the beer” drunk guy who won’t leave

16. Toothless carny (please limit your photo to just one person, despite all the choices)

17. Disgusting PDA displays

18. That one uber-annoying creeper dude who won’t shut up about how he personally has created 800 orchid hybrids (and he’ll name the next one after you).

19. Barely-viewed internet webhosts doing “‘Fair Special’ episodes” only to get free food

20. VERY annoying girls taking duck-face selfies every 7 steps. Again, please limit your entries to 400.

*Apologies for the word usage. Note: The vomit photo may be taken from behind the vomit-er.

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