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Downtown visions

Corky Normart has spent more than 50 years painting downtown Fresno, and you can see the fascinating results in his new show at the Fresno Art Museum. I put together this video to accompany my 7 cover story about the exhibition, which is accompanied by the museum’s first “crowd-sourced” show, titled “Downtown Visions.”

There are 70 works in the uncurated “Downtown Visions” exhibition, and you can add yours. Upload photos and videos of downtown here, and when you do you can appear in the exhibition’s virtual portion of the exhibition (on a monitor in the gallery and on the museum website). You can also make a submission by Tweeting it or putting it on Instagram with the¬†hashtag #DowntownVisions.

There’s one photo/painting juxtaposition that I love in the story layout in the 7 print edition. Here’s Bee photographer Craig Kohlruss’ portrait of Normart, taken on the Tuolumne Street railroad overpass:



And here’s Normart’s stylized view of downtown from nearly the same view, the Stanislaus Street overpass:

ny bye bye

Normart’s work is titled “NY, Bye, Bye.” You can see the New York reference in one of the painting’s highway signs. Normart painted the work for his friend Larry Early, one of the founders of Dumont Printing, who made the move from New York to Fresno.

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