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Everything you need to know about Fresno’s recent radio shake-up

The Fresno radio airwaves are a-changin’ these days. From full-scale AM talk transformations to popular FM jocks leaving, the local radio landscape has seen some big moves in the last month. Since some people may have only heard bits and pieces, we thought it smart to collect it all in one place.

  • Popular B95 DJ/on-air personality John Magic, who also did a bunch of nightclub gigs locally, left the station. He’s also the tour DJ for comedian Jo Koy, so Magic decided to focus on that. It looks like weekend DJ and Homegrown host DJ Kay Rich slides into B95′s weeknight lineup now.
  • The move that’s caused the most outrage hasn’t even happened yet. Shows from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are being pulled from KMJ by their syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks. The common belief is that the shows will land on a talk station owned by Clear Channel, which owns Premiere. They’re leaving KMJ on Jan. 1. KMJ listeners have been quite upset about this, and the station has devoted entire programs to letting listeners know that it’s not the station’s decision. Here’s an FAQ from KMJ. Part of its plan, KMJ says, is to add more locally-focused programs. Also worth a listen is this podcast from KMJ’s Chris Daniel who puts the whole thing in perspective.

  • Two more AM stations have basically made a signal trade: 940 KYNO, the AM talk station that featured The Bee’s Bill McEwen among others, has become Fresno’s ESPN affiliate. Programming (including Giants and 49ers games) has moved from 1430 to 940, which has a stronger signal and swanky downtown offices. In its place, 1430 will be starting a ’60s music format next month.

In today’s Bee, Rick Bentley served up some analysis on the KMJ/KYNO moves and why they might be good (or bad) in the long run.

This all makes us wonder: Any of this changing anything on your presets?

Responses to "Everything you need to know about Fresno’s recent radio shake-up"

DH says:

My guess is that, by this time next year, KMJ will still be in the top 10, but will rapidly lose its #1 slot to whatever channel picks up Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, etc. KMJ FM will probably be gone within 1-2 years.

I used to listen to KMJ when I was of a more conservative persuasion. I’m not anymore and haven’t listened for a couple of years. I stopped listening to the national shows first because they basically parrot each other and Fox News. It got to the point where anyone interested in the content of the shows could pick it all up in 10 seconds on the Drudge website.

The local shows were better. They dealt more often with local issues from a (somewhat) less partisan perspective. The problem is that they rely on the national hosts as their lead-ins. KMJ benefits from established local programming and can milk that for a few years, but I don’t think it’ll recover from this.

johnnyb says:

DH says he stopped listening to KMJ “because they(the national shows) basically parrot each other and Fox News.” He goes on to say “The local shows were better.” Yet his conclusion is “KMJ benefits from established local programming and can milk that for a few years, but I don’t think it’ll recover from this.” I don’t know if they’ll recover or not, but I’m having trouble following this logic.

Famous Whitewater says:

Yup. KYNO used to by my go-to pretty much any time I was in the car, all day. If it was late-night, I’d be tuned to KMJ and Coast-to-Coast. So this news pretty much destroys my listening habits all together.

Bill Hurd says:

Been listening to KMJ for many years. Left it on the station because it was Rush in the morning and Hannity in the afternoon. I didn’t tune in because of any other programming that filled the space in between. It was just convenient to leave the dial where it was.

You loose the two things that brought me to KMJ, you loose me too. It’s been a great ride. I’m switching to KFBK streaming over the net now. They have what I listen to the radio for and, so far, haven’t tuned ME out.

Mr. says:

Don’t forget that the program director at Clear Channel was caught dry humping his own leg.

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